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Chemicals are doing us more harm than good.Have ever asked yourself the reason why our forefathers lived longer but our current generation die early than expected even with so many inventions such as technology,new foods yet we are not even close to getting better.

Ask me how we can improve our lives?
I'm here to answer you,mind what you eat! I bring to you this natural edible called Tiger nuts.

Tiger nuts have numerous health benefits and are rich in nutrients which can prevent constipation and help your digestion run smoothly,it also helps in memory retention for persons who has the habit of reading the way liquid milk does.some of the nutrients include;


PotassiumControls the heartbeat, ensures fit function of the nerves.
IronIt helps in the movement of oxygen from the lungs to tissues.
ZincBoosts the Immune System,growth in Childhood are supported by Zinc.
ProteinProviding energy when carbohydrate and fat intake is insufficient and enhance faster wound healing and tissue regeneration,
FatMajor storage form of energy in the body and serve as fuel source to human body.
Calciumit is essential for maintaining strong bone

Different Ways of consuming Tiger nuts

  • Eating it raw
  • grounding it and taking it as Juice 100% natural
    How to achieve the juice making
    Step 1
    Wash the tiger nut
    Step 2
    Put the tiger nuts in a blender and add two cups of clean water, a little at a time.
    Step 3
    Blend the tiger nut on high until creamy and smooth.
    Step 4
    Your tiger nut juice is ready to drink


  • Enable Digestion Improvement
    Tiger nuts help fasten digestion in turn prevents constipation.

  • Help Fight Infections and boost immune system functionality

Tiger nuts helps the body in defending the immune system against infection by increasing the number of certain types of white blood cells attacking the microorganisms that travel through the bloodstream and into tissues.

And medically once the white blood cells are weak in a person's system the person is prone to infections and can even lead death if not taken care of, so to avoid that, eat tiger nuts may be once in two days.

  • Aids Heart Health Improvement
    As you know Cardiovascular disease is still one of the biggest killer disease so far,so to mitigate it you need tiger nuts,and be living a stress free life.As a popular adage says prevention is better than cure.

  • Tiger nuts enhances retentive memory,this is for students

TigerNuts. They are widely known digestive virtues attributed to tiger nuts, but it should be clear that their use also brings benefits the brain. To cite one example: Bixquert Miguel (Professor of Pathology and Clinics and Chief of Gastroenterology of the Hospital Arnau de Vilanova -Valencia-) he said that groundnut is recommended to alleviate headache and dizziness stuns.source

Last but not the least

  • Tiger nuts helps in keeping the skin fresh
    Most times creams does more harm than good but natural edibles like Tiger nuts juice will keep the body Fresh.Eat natural things stay away from chemicals.


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