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Hello steemians!

Hope you guys are doing great? I appreciate the support rendered to me so far in this community to that I will say kudos to you all.
However, welcome back to my blog, I have come to realize that your friend has a role to play in your academic success while in campus to that I will be writing on what I call choosing your friend a criteria of success in Campus.


In Campus, you need to know who you keep as a friend or who you associates with, because it matters alot and they will either make or mar you but the choice is yours to make. No body is an island of it all so friends are good but who is that friend? is the question. The need of knowing who you associates with is very important, mere seeing your friends can tell who you're. It is better to be alone than to be with the wrong friends. If you want to achieve a academic success in the campus, you must decide to choose your friends wisely.
Choose friends whose good sides are far more better than their bad sides because no body is perfect, they have their own weaknesses but does the good side outweighs the bad side?
You must associate with those going the same direction with you.


Look for friends that are invested:
In campus looking out for friends that are Invested is a priority and essential for your acedemic success.
What do I mean by friends that are invested?
I mean having friends that consistently shares values, goals and life plans with you, this will help one to remain focused to the goal(academic success).

Look for friends that normalize each other's experiences
Having positive shared experiences with your friend, such as good social gathering, achievements one has attained increases feelings of self-esteem and decreases feelings of depression, anxiety and isolation. Friends can be an added advantage to this.

Find Friends that share your values
By values I mean someone who shares similar values with you or who will respect your values and not attempting to force you to act contrary to your values.

Choose Friends with common Goals
Every student has a goal already mapped even before entering college, specific goals like graduating with first class, second class and the rest. A friend who share similar goals with you can be an added advantage to achieving your goal.

Look for Friends that share your Interests
Does your friend share similar qualities with you? these is left for you to answer. Keeping friends that have interest in latest shoes, bags wigs, wearing trending clothes and clubbing can be a drawback to your academic success. Let your friend be someone that aspire and desire success, this will keep you in track to the aim of coming to school.

Look for Friends that have strengths you Lack.
Friends are meant to complement each other in the sense that you people have to share knowledge, this has been my best strength in campus. Most times, I read but get little understanding of a topic/course but interacting with my friends tends to give me a more better and clear understanding in that course. So keeping friends that have Strength in your lack can vouch for your academic success.


In life, the company you keep matters a lot. Some bad friends have ruined the life of their friends and some good friends have made their friends to survive, in the campus there are some people who make and keep friends recklessly without reasoning.


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You are right dear. The friends you keep can really influence who you are and the kind of decisions you make. It's always good to surround ourselves with the right people

 11 months ago 

Thanks, you've said it all.

Friends are a very important part of life. Good post

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Hello friend, great post, however your first image is not a free to use image.

Kindly change it and use a free to use image.

Cheers @whitestallion

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So sorry for that, I have changed it.

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Hello @christnenye Thank you for sharing , keep posting quality contents on #campusconnect and Most importantly support and join #club5050 program .

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I am in support of it already, and I powered half of my earning from last week posts.

Thanks, I will keep on posting good Contents.

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Nice post dearie. The type of company we keep in campus really matter as it affects your academic success. Thank you for carefully mapping out this criterias.

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 11 months ago 

The company we keep on campus matters a lot.

 11 months ago 

It really matters, I can attest to that.

Thanks, I appreciate the comment.

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