The Diary Game 04/09/21 "STRESSFUL DAY AT HOME" by @chababy

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I woke up as early as 3am today(very frustrating)
The kids woke up at a very unusual time and I had to put them back to sleep..

My day already started, there was no need for me to go back to sleep

I did the house chores, from sweeping and dusting the house, to trashing the dustbin, to doing the dishes..

I was suppose to go to the market to get some stuffs but the rain spoilt the plan, I had to fix the breakfast with what we had available

I prepared beans and potato porridge for breakfast and served everyone.

When the kids woke up, brushed thier teeth, bathed them then fed them thier food respectively.


Later in the day, I helped my sister relaxed her hair...she has a very bad texture and she needed to make a new good looking hair for next week as she would be resuming work on Monday..


When I was done, I started doing the laundry.
This was were I became really tired because the washing machine is down stairs while my sister's flat is on the second floor.

And don't even think of asking why the washing machine is down stairs cos nobody could give me a perfect explanation for that unreasonable stress

I literarily washed everyone's cloth including the husband, and not to forget that I used a manual washing machine that requires rinsing in a bowl and setting the clothes on the dryer after washing.


After the washing I had to start making dinner.
I actually made 3 different meals for dinner, Noodles and fried eggs, pan toasted bread with fried eggs and tea, then okro soup with garri.

When I was done making dinner, I had to go bath and feed the kids thier cereal because it was getting late.

After all these I got so exhausted that I lost appetite for food. I still I need a vacation, taking care of kids is not for the weak

Thank you for reading my blog, I pray for a fair day tomorrow


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Lol really stressful day you had especially the washing. I despise washing

It was very stressful

 last year 

Day starting @3am e choke 😩.
Sorry dear

Thanks so much
E choke oo

Wow what a hectic day, you woke up by 3am, when I'm still sleeping 😀, sorry for your hectic day

Thanks dear

 last year (edited)

Hello @chababy, this is a great diary entry. Your post claims to set 50% to campus connect, but it's actually not set to campus connect, this could be a mistake and we request you edit your post appropriately.

Hello @campusconnectng, I don't understand what exactly I am being requested to do

Please if you could explain better, I will gladly make the corrections

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You didn't set campus connect as 50% beneficiary, but you claimed to.

Ok sorry, I am new and I felt as soon as the token is paid out, we are to transfer 50% to @campusconnectng, if that is not how it is done

Please direct me on the modalities

 last year 

No, you have to set it before making the post. Click on the advanced setting on your editor.

Add campusconnectng as 50% beneficiary.

Ok I will do that
Then edit this post immediately

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It's not always easy to take care of kids, it requires enough energy. Nice dairy entry you got here.

Thanks dear

 last year 

You're welcome ☺️

This is really wonderful

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