My Weekly Report As a Moderator In CampusConnect

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Hello everyone, How are you doing?. I welcome you once again to my weekly report as a Moderator in the CampusConnect Community.

As a Moderator, my role is to check the quality of user's post in the community, check for plagiarism{1}, check for the exclusivity of the post and ensured it is #steemexclusive{2}, and check if a user is making use of a Vote-Buying{3}, and lastly, check for #club activity, genuine users are to maintain #club50505, #club75 or #club100 before there post could be voted in the community or reviewed.

And as well, all users in campus connect are to be verified at the minimum level of achievement1 in the newcomer's community, below is the format I used in evaluating users' publishment.


Thereupon checking users' posts, I give observations on the post quality and as well asked them to embrace the use of Grammarly or Grammar checker to avoid errors in their publication.


My Evaluation date was on Friday July 29th 2022, and below are the users post and Link to the post that was evaluated.

Usernameclub tagPost LinkOriginality
@mbemba2310club 100link100%
@mbemba2310club 100link100%
@pocoloco01club 5050link100%
@rossnenyeNo club statuslink100%
@favriteclub5050LinkPlagiarized Content.
@mato445club 100link100%

I was able to Eight active posts on Friday, July 29 2022, and most of the post were unique and one plagiarized content and also one user was not eligible for the club status.



Campus connect is a student community on the steemit platform, we frown against plagiarism and reward unique content and club eligibly post, by voting them using the community account.

Plagiarized users are given a warning on the first offense, while three-time repeated offenders are muted and no longer allowed to post in the community.

Thank You, I am @badmus-official, reporting for @campusconnectng community.




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