ANNOUNCEMENT - 5 Things Not To Do on the Steemit Platform, Including not Mention @STEEMCURATOR01.

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Today I want to explain some general rules that Members should not do. This has often been explained in any community on the Steemit Platform. What members should not do, below I will explain one by one based on the information I get :

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This warning is very often conveyed by STEEMCURATOR01 through reprimand comments in the comments column of the members' account posts that he reads, but still there are still many members who don't know or don't want to know. These mentions will be very annoying because so many people enter the Steemcurator01 account, so that there are important mentions about reports from the community, mentions related to Steemitblog or Mentions from important people from the Steemit Team are just skipped, can't be read, because the number of Notifications received by the Steemcurator01 account. So there are important things not getting a response from Steemcurator01. So don't mention to Steemcurator01 , so that its performance is not disturbed by us. If our post is good, he will definitely read it, unless there are really urgent things that we need to convey to him, such as reports, proposals or there are very important things that we need to convey. This Mention does not make us get Voted from him, even because we do Mention, don't get Voted from him.


This is one of the notifications from @steemcurator01


This is also very often campaigned by the Steemit Team and from Team Leader information from all communities on the Steemit Platform to prohibit plagiarism. Because this is a disgraceful act by taking other people's work without the permission of the owner. Content that commits plagiarism will be punished by the Steemit Team. We must pay attention to this warning so as not to get punished by the Steemit Team. We are led to create content from our own work, even though it is ugly, but it is our own work. Even if you have to take information from other people's work, you must include the source link of the information.


Buying Upvotes is a bad deed, by sending Steem or SBD to one of the big accounts and then we ask him to vote on our post. This despicable manufacture is so that we can instantly get high curation without trying our best. If any member is caught buying Voted then the Steemit Team will not support our account anymore. This will harm ourselves and will also harm the community.


Creating a Farming account, is a bad build. Farming accounts are the same people who create several accounts with different names for the purpose of getting curated scores. So one person has many accounts whose purpose is to enrich themselves by cheating, the sole purpose is to collect money from Steemit. Farming accounts sometimes also spread Spam to other members, this is something that is strictly prohibited by Steemit.


Doing Power Down is withdrawing all or part of a certain amount of Steem from Steem Power to disburse its money value. This is a bad action, which makes the account decrease or run out of Steem Power. The act of doing a Power Down is very self-serving, to immediately get money from the curation value. Accounts that often do Power Down will not get support from the Steemit Team, because they want us to always do Power Ups in order to increase the power of our account influence for the better so that it can help give Voted to small accounts and can also give Voted on quality content, so that there is an interaction between fellow members on the Steemit Platform.

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Steem EntrepreneursTeam


Thus, I explain this information about 5 things we should not do on the Steemit Platform, for the attention of all of us, not to do the prohibited things. By avoiding the ban, our account will continue to grow and progress with support from Steemit. Keep on creating good and creative content.

Thanks You to the Steemian Friends who is visited and support my posting. Greetings from me to all Friend of Steemit. Keep doing your best.

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 2 months ago 
 2 months ago 

Informasi yang sangat berguna, dan mesti jadi perhatian kita bersama terutama member komunitas Steem Entrepreneurs untuk kebaikan... Terimakasih pak @tucsond

 2 months ago 

Sama-sama, ini perlu kita jelaskan kepada kawan-kawan member komunitas supaya mereka mengetahui. Terima Kasih atas dukungannya.

 2 months ago 

Terima kasih atas informasi yang berguna ini, suatu hal yang sangat bermanfaat dalam plafon steemit.

 2 months ago 

Sama-sama semoga bermafaat dan menjadi perhatian bagi kita Semua.

 2 months ago 

Ia betul sekali bg

 2 months ago 

Terimakasih Bang @tucsond. Ini informasi yang sangat berguna untuk semua steemians.
Sedikit pertanyaan dari saya.
Sebenarnya siapa aja sih yang mempunyai hak membuat Cc atau menyebut SC01?. Saya lihat dibeberapa postingan senior semua ada Cc yang dialamatkan Ke Pennsif atau SC01 atau yang lainnya.

Salam tgk

 2 months ago 

Kalau ditanyak siapa yang berhak...? saya gak bisa jawab siapa yg berhak.
Tapi biasanya CC ke S01 kalau memang berhubungan dengan hal-hal penting, spt laporan, Proposal, atau informasi penting yg perlu mereka tahu, utk segera diberikan respon.
Kalau untuk pennsif tergantung komunikasi awal dari sebuah kegiatan atau project, dan perlu dia tahu kemajuan dari kegiatan tersebut. saya pikir seperti itu. Mungkin @harferri ada tambahan penjelasan mengenai pertanyaan ini.....

Thanks for the info @tucsond, I didn't know about not mentioning steemcurator01, steemcurator02 and steemitblog. So I won't do it again.

This information should be replicated on all the platform.

 2 months ago 

Now you know it. Please tell to Your Friends. Thanks You for your visit.

 2 months ago (edited)

Maaf mr. @tucsond apakah larangang mention curator01 hanya bagi pendatang baru seperti kami. atau semua nya. Mohon pencerahan. Karena sering sekali saya melihat mentionnya dan kadang saya pingin juga mention kurator01itu he he

 2 months ago 

Terima kasih pak @tucson atas informasinya

 2 months ago 

Sama-sama. Semoga ini menjadi perhatian kita Semua.

 2 months ago 

Tapi msh ada aja steemian yg suka copas n cuma ubah2 dikit . Miris liatnya.makin di biarkan makin mnjadi. 😨😥

 2 months ago 

Ya, itulah yang terjadi, padahal banyak yang mention 01 malah ka dapat voted, yang gak mention malah dapat suaranya.

Terima kasih atas infonya

 2 months ago 

Sama-sama, semoga bermanfaat dengan mengetahui informasi ini.


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