Join and support the #club5050 initiative to increase the value of steem and build the power of the Steem economy.

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Club5050 is all about encouraging people to cash out less and power up at least 50% of their earnings. This will help increase their influence on the platform and build the strength of the Steem economy.

After being launched a few days by the Steemit Team #club5050 received positive responses from Steem users. The #club5050 and #club100 campaigns are starting to become a trending topic. @steempreneurshop is very interested in participating in the success of the #club5050 hashtag by :

1. Power Up 50 : 50

8,389 SBD converted to 99,145 Steem for Power Up as priority action. Meanwhile, the remaining 8 SBD will be used for the production of logo products. Marketing is a strategy used by the Steempreneur Shop to promote Steem to the public.

2. Campaign

The Steempreneur Shop will conduct a #club5050 hashtag campaign by producing a #club5050 t-shirt with the Steem Logo. Production orders will be made tomorrow with an estimated next week already distributed to consumers. Sales will be made with the payment methods Steem, SBD and TRX. Keep in mind, buyers must Power Up at least 50% of the total post payment to buy a #club5050 shirt. T-shirts will only be sold to steemians who have participated in #club5050.

#club5050 Tshirt.png
Shirt Design #club5050

The T-shirt will only be produced in limited quantities in black, Cotton 24s and Slim models. If you want to order, you can mention the size in the comments column as soon as possible because tomorrow will start the ordering and production process. The selling price is 1 SBD and includes a 20% donation to help people who need our attention together.

Let's invest and power up to increase the value of steem in the blockchain ecosystem and strengthen the economic value of Steem. Big things will happen with the success of the hashtag #club5050. and let's be part of a better life with Steem.

Best regards,
Steempreneur Shop Manager

Cc : @pennsif @stephenkendal

Next Post :

  • Donation report on the sale of Steem Entrepreneurs t-shirts to help with medical expenses for the parents of community members.
  • Cooperation with The Youth Steem for the production of the youth steem t-shirts sponsored by @stephenkendal for Steem promo activities
 2 years ago 

Great work @steempreneurshop

Nyan hawa kuh saboh

 2 years ago 

Aman di copi bos @aril.hatake

Ini ide yang bagus utk melakukan Promosteem dari #club5050 dengan membuat design Baju yang keren. Mantap

 2 years ago 

Kita dukung inisiatif dari SC01 & 02
#club5050 #club100

Saya ingin memesan satu T-shirt warna hitam dengan ukuran L

 2 years ago 

Di copi bg @mahyulmaulana

 2 years ago 

Thanks for support @steempreneurship

 2 years ago 

Keren bajunya😍😍

 2 years ago 

Terimakasih bu @sailawana

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