Weekly Report | Communities of the Month Support | September 16 - 23,2021

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Dear Steempreneurs,
On this occasion we make a weekly report "Communities of the Month Support Program" which is summarized from 16 - 23 September 2021. @steemitblog post Communities of the Month Support Program - September Winners Steem Entrepreneurs received the trust of the steeemit team as one of the communities that was crowned with monthly support @steemcurator01 for September 2021.

Here is some data that we have collected as a report on the development of the steem entrepreneur community for the steemit team.

Number of Subscribers and Active

September 08
September 16
September 23

IMG_20210925_141102-01.jpegScreenshot - September 23,2021

  • Subcribers
    16 - 23 September 2021 - There was an increase of 134 Subscribers from 879 Subscribers to 1.013 Subscribers with percentage of 13.22%.
  • Active
    16 - 23 September 2021 - There is a increase in 17 Active from 107 Active to 124 Active with percentage of 13.70%.

This week there was an increase in subscribers with a percentage of 13.22% and active posters 13.70%. The efforts made by the Steem Entrepreneur community by holding contests and others have had a positive impact, but better efforts are needed to increase the number of subscribers and active posters. For the record, the Steem Entrepreneur Community is unique when it comes to publishing on pages. This uniqueness makes the published posts rather limited and only steemians who have business and entrepreneurial interests participate. In addition to the creativity and hard work of the steem entrepreneur community to increase participation, support from @Steemcurator01 is very helpful in increasing the number of subscribers and the number of active posters.


Community Account Statistics

Screenshot_2021-09-25-14-34-47-33-01.jpegScreenshot - September 23,2021

  • September 08, 2021, the Steem Power (SP) position of the @steempreneurship account is 10,669.27 SP. This number consists of 1,255.74 account SP and 9,413.53 delegate SP.

  • September 16, 2021, the Steem Power (SP) position of the @steempreneurship account is 14,501.21 SP. This number consists of 2,447.75 account SP and 12,053.46 delegate SP.

  • September 23, 2021, the Steem Power (SP) position of the @steempreneurship account is 15,751.48 SP. This number consists of 3,289.93 account SP and 12,461.55 delegate SP.

Overall there was an increase of 1,250,27 SP, last week the total was 14,501.21 SP - this week it reached 15,751.48 SP. Percentage Increase in the number of Steem Power official community accounts and curators 7,93%.

Delegate and Upvote

In the "vote count" section in statistics, it can be seen that the @steempreneurship account has made 1,541 upvotes to 1,174 upvotes received for the past seven days. All accounts that received the upvote were delegates who had delegated their SP to @steempreneurship and members who posted their content in the steem entrepreneur community. We also selected some interesting and informative posts outside of the community. Currently the SP community account @steempreneurship comes from 32 delegators and SP accounts.


Since being selected as The Communities of the Month Support Program - September winners, there has been a significant increase, including :

ItemsSeptember 16,2021September 23,2021IncreaseDecreasePercentage
Poster Active10712417-13,70%
Effective Power14,501.21 SP15,751.48 SP.1,250,27 SP-7.93%


Based on the data we released, it is proven that Communities of the Month Support Program - September Winners very useful for the Steem entrepreneurship community. The increase in subscribers, active posters, delegates or others cannot be separated from the role of the monthly support program to boost participation in the community.

As a new community of steem entrepreneurs, we still have a lot of work agendas that we are working on. support from steemit really helps us to achieve the goals in accordance with the vision and mission of the community. There will be many challenges ahead but we are ready to work. Thank you to the steemit team for the trust and support given.

cc :


Steem Entrepreneurs Team


Very Nice Weekly Report about Communities of the Month Support on September 16 - 23,2021. Great

 2 years ago 

Thank you mr @tucsond

 last year 

Bagaimana agar kita menjadi member,
Saya sudah delegasikan 100 sp,
Mohon bantuannya 🙏🙏🙏

 last year 

Andan sudah mendapat lebel delegator sekaligus menjadi member ..
Keterlambatan label karena saudara @muhammadbakrie belum membuat postingan atau komentar..

Bila ada kesilapan darikami mohon dimaklumi dan Terimakasih banyak sudah mendelegasikan SP untuk pertumbuhan komunitas..

Salam dan sukses untuk @muhammadbakrie

 last year 

Maaf juga saya belum pernah membuat postingan, masih tahap belajar 🙏🙏🙏

 last year 

Hehehe .. kita bisa sama-sama belajar..
thanks my friend

 last year 

Welcome sir

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