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Assalamualaikum friends how are you all? I hope everyone is well by God's grace. I am also very well by the grace of God. Today I am here with you with a shop review. Where I have reviewed a lot of the time.Now I will present my post to you.


Business Introduction

Business is a type of social activity. Where resources can be legally earned with specific creative and productive goals in mind. Individuals can start their parents through their own creative activities for the purpose of making a profit.A business helps an entrepreneur grow a lot. It is very beautiful and one of the methods. Business is a medium where there is an opportunity to make a lot of profit by investing money. But to start a business you must have a proper plan.What kind of business do you do? How is the demand for your business products? What is the future impact of the products you sell?


You have to think about all these things. A right mindset can lead you to your goals. If you want to be successful in business, you must plan. Take things in stride and try not focus too much on the problem. Doing business can lead to many problems. So you have to be very patient. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Also, to have a good business, you need to plan properly and make it your goal to execute it. Today I will review a shop among you. Where all necessary dining sets are available. Here I have spent a lot of time reviewing. Which I will present to you.stay with me

business activity


You can see many lead bottles in the picture. There are many small and big lead pots here.The pots have been arranged from big to small. These bottles are sold at the rate of kg.The price of lead per kg is 260 Bangladeshi Taka. Whose steem price list is mentioned below.

lead per kg260 BDT15.30 STEEM


In the picture I have a steel bottle in my hand. It's a small pot. This pot looked very nice.It is made in a slightly different shape. So it was nice to see. The price of this pot is 150 rupees per piece. Whose steem price list is mentioned below.

Steel bottle150 BDT8.82 STEEM


You can see a melamine plate in the picture. These plates look very shiny. Its top design impressed me.This plate is quite strong. This plate is very interesting to eat. The steem price list of this plate is mentioned below.

plate50 BDT2.94 STEEM


In this picture you can see the set of cup and prich. These are ceramic dishes. These are very advanced. It looks a lot more interesting. The white color galvanizing cup set looked very nice. It can be purchased at quite an affordable price. Its price list is mentioned below.

tea cup set300 BDT17.65 STEEM


In this picture you can see a glass cup made of glass. It comes with a jug. There are six glass cups and one jug. In all, it costs 250 Bangladeshi rupees. The price list of which is mentioned below.

Glass cup set250 BDT14.71 STEEM


You can see a mug in the picture. The mug is beautifully designed. This mug is designed in red yellow color. It's a mug made of plastic. It was so beautiful to look at. The price of this mug was comparatively low. The Bangladeshi price of this mug is 20 rupees.Its price list is mentioned below.

Plastic mug20 BDT1.17 STEEM

There are many more types of products in this store. Every product is sold here at affordable prices. People buy daily necessities from here.I like this business very much.

Thank you very much for visiting my post. Stay healthy by God's grace.

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