Economic Activity - Diary Game | 4 August, 2022. Replacing a Network Cable For a client

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Replacing Network Cables For a client

DateThursday August 4, 2022.
EventCable Replacement
PlaceClients Office
LocationUyo Nigeria

I had a call early yesterday morning and my service was needed. I believe if you should follow through as my day went, you will definitely learn from the activities that resulted from that call.
This is my economic activity diary gamed where I tell you how I converted my time, knowledge and skills into income.
While on the phone, the caller was unable to clearly tell what he wanted from his description of the problem, so I asked him to take a picture and send to me. Which he did. With the picture he sent, I was able to tell what to carry as tools.


The picture was that of a network rack's patch panel. A hardware mainly made-up of RJ45 ports used in the management of Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cables in a network rack.
photostudio_1659715666493.jpg This is the picture that was sent by the client

So it was obvious from the picture that the task will require:
• Some specific networking tools.
• Most especially the punch down tool.
• After terminating we will need a tester.
• Screwdriver and pliers will also be very useful.

The actual situation
The office at the top floor was into some major renovation and in the process, the cables that linked the office to the rack at the ground floor was severed and the cabling will have to be redone and
it's terminals properly terminated. Terminating a cable is just a more technical term for crimping the cable. The job will require some specific tools

Needed Tools

This items will be involved in the networking process. They will help make the work easy but will not be used up in the process and so could be reused in other network related tasks.

The needed tools are:

Punching tool1For crimping
Cable tester 1 for testing
Test cables 2 Facilitates cable testing
Crimping tool 1for cutting and de-shielding

Needed Materials

This are items that will be used-up during the networking process, this consumables will become part of the network.

Cat6 cable2The transmission medium
RJ45 jack 1 Interface
Masking Tape 1 Labeling
Facing plate 1 Esthetics and finishing


  • The client already had a roll of Cat-6 cable
  • I Measure the distance Frome the rack at the ground floor passing it in and over all obstacle to the other point.
  • The UTP cable was Cut based on the measurements with plenty of surplus because it's better to have surplus instead of deficiency.
  • I had to attacked the new cable to the end of the old cable so when the old cable was pulled our, it helped pull in the new cable.
  • Took the end of the cable into the rack, following the previous configuration, the new UTP cable was punched in. While I still had the other end with me, I punched in the old jack and tested it and it was ok. This was to exonerate this section of the work in an event of a future malfunctioning during the networking process.

Running the cables

  • The jack was then cut out and the electrician took the UTP cable up the ladder, in to the sealing, down the conduit pipes and in to the big office through the knockout box.
  • while in the office i cut the cable and strip it ready for the jack. The amount of cable should allow the work to go on comfortably yet should fold into the knockout space and allow it to cover well.
  • I now Got the new keystone jack, aligned the cables and followed the existing configuration. You can see a standard configuration A and B on the body of the jack. After aligning the cables, I used the punching tool to terminate the cables photostudio_1659722223600.jpg


  • it is time to run a test using the cable tester. The cable tester has female ports and both ends of the terminated cables also have female ports. This is where the two straight through cables come in to play. It connects to the terminated ends and gets into the cable tester.
  • the test failed. I cut and terminated it again but it still failed. So I had to service, cleaned and reused the old keystone jack, I aligned and Punched it once, ran the test and it was good. The new jacks were all faulty.

Final Testing

  • After running a test with the cable tester, the faceplate is put in place carefully with some of the cable coiled in.
  • The testing communication device is now connected to the phone and both cables were in order
  • the rack at the ground floor was closed and secured and the client confirmed the job


Current exchange rate at 167.77 Naira per Steem.

2 A 2in1 keystone jack5000 29.80
4 RJ45 Connectors 100 29.80
1 Services Charge 10000 59.60
**** Total 1510090.00


Even after informing that I ended up using the old RJ45 Keystone jack, I was paid the equivalent of 90.004 Steem which covers the two factory fault jacks I bought.
He was just satisfied that the job was delivered...

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