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Sunny Monday, today I welcome this bright morning with full sun shining on the eastern horizon, then I look up at the morning sun with enthusiasm and I will lift my footsteps the day where the direction will need me - with hope that today back to being a blessed day.

At the beginning of the first step, I as a village apparatus again received an assignment from the village head who asked me to return to the success of several points of work that made the responsibility of the village, and of course this was under my work area as the head of village government and community.

• First, I will be tasked with the success of an event that will take place tomorrow, namely village level health services (Posyandu).

• Second, I will be in charge of the success of an event that will take place today - that today in the afternoon the football team from our village will again appear on the sub-district green field for the second round (top 8) towards the semi-finals in a festive event. 22nd anniversary of the republic of Indonesia.

So throughout my journey today are two things about these points. And I will be very willing to do all of that, because it is my area of ​​responsibility as an apparatus in the village.

The next step, the village head asked the finance party (village treasurer) to send some money to my account, and we will immediately use the money for these two activity points.


Slip on proof of delivery - Indonesian Islamic bank (BSI)

This slip is a valid proof of delivery through the Indonesian Islamic bank application

The amount of money sent to my account is IDR 1, 500, 000 = 386. 897 STEEM and from that number I will manage and at the same time make two village activities under my responsibility successful.

• First, I will meet with my village posyandu team to hand over some money to cover their expenses for the activities that will take place tomorrow morning at the village hall. And the money I gave them was IDR 1, 100, 000 = 283. 724 STEEM I hope that this figure will meet the needs of these activities.

• Second, the remaining IDR 400, 000 = 103. 172 STEEM is the cost to make the football match a success in the afternoon. And I will arrange it as best I can, so that everything can run smoothly.


Photo taken in a coffee shop


At 11:15 I took two friends to a coffee shop, where we would enjoy coffee there while talking about the agenda for the football match which would take place in the afternoon.
And in this place we also aim to meet the police and a team of managers from the village who will make our opponents this afternoon in the sub-district green field.

A few minutes the three of us were here enjoying our coffee orders, and then we saw the police had come to the location of the coffee shop. So I will immediately meet him to get some motorized vehicle parking tickets which are specially provided for vehicles belonging to players or footballers in the afternoon.


Photo of motor vehicle parking ticket

This is the form of the parking ticket provided by the match committee, and now 20 of these tickets are in my hands as the team manager from Blang village.

After a few minutes, the manager's team from the opposing side arrived for this afternoon.


Photo taken with the manager of the opposing team

He was the team manager as well as the village head for our opposing team, the village of Meuria Aron.
He also came with the same intention - wanting to get 20 tickets perkir from the police for the vehicles of players from his team. And now he too has taken it.

Here we enjoy coffee together at one table while discussing about the players who will also be featured from his team and from my team.

While laughing together, the minutes passed with him, and we will meet again in the afternoon by bringing each other's teams for this exciting match.

Okay guys, let's get straight to the point - we're going to the green field for today's soccer match in the round of 8 in the festive event of the 22nd anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia.


Blang village team celebration photo

Now our village football team has appeared on the green field by showing their faces and spirited appearances. And soon they will start to pit their skills and strengths with the opposing team.


In the first round (35 minutes of play) our village team was able to score one goal against the opponent's goal through a free kick from one of our players, namely Iskandar. And currently the number is at (Blang village 1 Vs 0 Meuria Aron village). These points will last until the end of the match in the first round.

Furthermore, at the start of the second round (34 minutes of play) in the early minutes of the match - the village team of Meuria Aron was able to compensate for this point to (1 Vs 1) through their counter-attack.

The match started to heat up, I really watched this match.
Our village team began to reorganize their cohesiveness on the green field - their youthful enthusiasm was revived, the chase was over, and the match was almost over.
However, in the last minute gaps - the opposing team made a mistake within the finals line by touching his hand with the ball, this incident right in front of the referee - then the referee ruled that this was a fatal foul committed with the penalty being a final free kick.

This final free kick was again taken by Iskandar and was able to break the goalkeeper from them. And now our points increase to (2 Vs 1).


Victory celebration photo

Next, the match was resumed with the last minute remaining, and only about 4 minutes later - the match ended by holding on to two points (2 Vs 1), we won!


what3wordsplus codes
google maps

Now the match is over and our village team is the winner. And that means we will continue to menuu the next round, namely the top 4 or the semi-finals.

We will prepare ourselves for the next round which of course will face an even stronger team. So that will make our team to be better prepared for the next match.

Okay friends, with the result of winning this afternoon, our village team has held the third or fourth place prize, because if it passes the next round, our team will enter the final with guaranteed first or second place.

• The prizes for the winners of the football match in the Syamtalira Aron sub-district for the festive event of the 22nd Republic of Indonesia Anniversary are as follows :

1. First place : Trophy + Cash IDR 7, 000, 000 = 1, 805. 519 STEEM
2. Second Place: Trophy + Cash IDR 5, 000, 000 = 1, 289. 656 STEEM
3. Third Place: Trophy + Cash IDR 3, 000, 000 = 773. 794 STEEM
4. Fourth place : Trophy + Cash IDR 1, 000, 000 = 257. 931 STEEM


So this is the total prize for the champion that is being contested in this prestigious event, hopefully our village team will be able to win for the first place position.

That's the story along my steps today with you here, I hope you like it.
Thank you to all friends who have read this writing. Have a nice day!

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