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hello friend steem entrepreneur.


bersama @akmal1 @jcorner @harferri @f2i5 @fikar22 dan @subkiusman

Coinciding on October 16, 2021.

I feel happy and feel very proud to be present at the handover event for micro business equipment assistance to Ms. MAHNIDAR.

the @steemkindness program which can help the economy of small communities in the form of micro business resources. Organized directly by Pioneer @harferri and accompanied by senior steem entrepreneurs @tocsond, @subkiusman. As you know, during the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers have lost their source of income for their daily needs, both for their family needs and for other things. With the steemkindnees program, of course it will have a positive impact on the wider community, I personally really support the steemkindnees' aspirations to carry out micro and small business empowerment programs.


@f2i5 @jcorner @subkiusman @fajrulakmal99 @fikar22 and @harferri are unloading equipment or goods to be handed over to beneficiaries

In the delivery of micro business assistance which was received directly by: Mrs. Mahnidar, who is often known by the local community, Cek dar, in the process of handing over assistance to Mrs. Mahnidar which was immediately handed over to @harferri, it went very smoothly, accompanied by senior steem entrepreneurs.


the handover of assistance was carried out by the admin steem entrepreneur @harferri accompanied by moderators @tucson and @subkiusman

the following is the assistance that was handed over to Ms. MAHNIDAR / CEK DAR

1 Unit of Dough Mixer

1 Unit Electric Oven

1 Unit Stove

1 Set Regulator Hose

1 Sack of Flour Triangle

4 Kilograms of Sugar

2 Kilograms of Cooking Oil


Thank you very much to all Steemians who have participated and contributed to the Steem Kindness For Better Life program either through steemkindness or who have been directly involved during the process of this kindness program.

CC : @steemcurator01 | @stephenkendal | @pennsif | @steemchiller |

Greetings to: The Steam Entrepreneurs team for taking the initiative to set up a forum for small entrepreneurs like me.

Steem Entrepreneurs Team


Hope you like it..

Regards @aril.hatake

 2 months ago 

Terimakasih @aril.hatake sudah berpartisipasi di kegiatan serah terima bantuan peralatan usaha mikro program dari Steem Kindness for Better Life ... Semoga bermanfaat

 2 months ago 

Alhamdulillah, kegiatan bantuan pemberdayaan Ekonomi untuk usaha Micro kepada Ibu Manidar berjalan lancar. Mantap. Terima Kasih kepada kawan-kawan semua yang ikut serta. Luar Biasa.


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