Steemit Engagement Challenge S9W4 - The Steem Say No to War

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Greetings Steemians!
We've reached the fourth (4th) week of Steemit Engagement Challenge season 9. I will start my participation in Steem Entrepreneur Community where I am going to share my point of view on the topic; SAY NO TO WAR.

War is conflict /fight between different groups and when it occurs, it comes with a lot of damages in terms of; families / communities destruction, hardship ( reduction in human capital), death, illness, disability, injury and anxiety.
When war happens, there are certain physical and emotional damages that might likely occur as well.

After war, it takes a longer period of time for everything to get back to normal. It is not an easy task to bring back the economic sector of a particular community to life again. The consequences of war are really dreadful.

It will be wise of me to use the contest tips given by the community as guideline so to make my publication simple to understand.

Because of the consequences/ damages in which war brings to people, I would say that; I am against war.

Experiencing war is traumatizing and I don't wish anyone to experience that because I have witnessed war once in my life (in the year 2008) which was not pleasing at all. I have experience real anxiety, losses and hunger not because I do not have what to eat but because I just wanted to survive and be at peace. The next community where we moved to was not healthy for me and everything about its environment was not favourable.

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War has caused so many losses to people and no one will ever pray to experience that in his / her entire life.

No matter how someone stand for war, there must always be negative outcome (loss of productivity /economic resources, death, destruction of the environment and injury of greater number of individuals).

During war, these consequences are meant to happen and nothing can change the fact that this must occur. The only way out of this is by embracing love and peace.

Peace and love simply means care and kindness towards one another. Where there's love, peace must be found there.
Both words (peace and love) works together to heal, put an end to conflict and also bring calmness to unhealthy situation.

Most war that people experience happened because those involved never care to communicate/ listen first and in turn take wrong actions.
Embracing a peaceful attitude is the best way to resolve conflict between individuals or communities.

Love and peace is the only way we can live and make the world a better place.

If I am to make a slogan for world peace, I would suggest peace be still movement...better life with peace
Here's how it goes;
Call: Peace be still movement......?✊
Response: better life with peace.

With this slogan, I am 100% sure that even those having conflict in mind will at some point restructure their thought to bring nothing but peace in a country or community.
Peace awareness needs to be created because in some countries, there are some certain persons that needs to be educated/ taught about the consequences that war/ conflict brings.
At this point, saying NO to WAR is the only thing that will save us all. Thank you!

I will invite my friends (@mvchacin, @eliany and @josepha) to share their thoughts as well.

 4 months ago 

amiga me gusta tu slogan... la paz siga siendo movimiento... una vida mejor con paz, necesitamos paz en todas las areas de nuestras vidas estoy de acuerdo con tigo que solo trae destruccion...

 4 months ago 

Thank you so much 🤗
Peace is indeed good health and life. We truly need it in every area.

 5 months ago 

Thank you for being an important part of the peace and love campaign.

Before we verify, we remind you to visit other contestants' posts and engage with relevant and meaningful comments. Best of luck, sis @adylinah

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 4 months ago 

Thank you for the verification

 5 months ago 

Hello my dear friend @adylinah
War is not the way out. There is no single opinion that would justify war as a last resort. Trauma and long suffering and tribulation will be felt as a result. Very correct opinion, bro, I agree with the assumptions you explained. Congratulations @fadlymatch stay consistent good luck in everything.

Best regard @jannatmou

 4 months ago 

You are right friend, war is not the way out of misunderstanding. Thank you for your time and contributions.

War is the worst thing in the world my friend, I don't know how it can exist. What a sad experience you have gone through witnessing war once in your life, how difficult my friend to experience anxiety, loss and hunger. You have been hit hard. Thank you for the invitation, I will be preparing my participation.

 4 months ago 

It was one of my worse experience in life. Till date, people are still suffering from that consequences.
I appreciate your acknowledgement. Thank you, friend!

Only love can stop the war. I support your thoughts. Best of luck.

 4 months ago 

Thank you for reading and comment.

 4 months ago 

Time is not the only point that we have to keep in our mind but the mental status of the war torn citizens is the prime concern. I am afraid in rush to sell their weapons they will do to increase the number of wars in future too. My best wishes.

La guerra deja a muchas personas amputadas, con un daño psicológico permanente. Y es propicio tu eslogan pues sin guerra estaremos a salvó. Saludos y feliz día amiguita adylinah

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