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Good day steemians, and welcome to the second week of the engagement challenge. This would be my first time doing any of the challenges this year, so happy new year steemit family

The engagement challenge for the week requires we write about our role models (you can check it out here in the incredible India community. so here goes...

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I gave this one a lot of thought before writing. At first, it felt like I had no one to point out as my role model. That felt so strange as practically everyone would have that perfect mental image of someone they would like to refer to as their role model.

People aren't perfect, everyone's just trying their best, so why do you want to be like anyone, be yourself"

These are the words that popped up in my head. But after much consideration and regardless of any theories I've realised the person id love to even be a fraction like is "Elon Musk"

oh, because he's one of the wealthiest people on earth yeah?

....that's probably what popped into your head. But no!, it's easy for anyone to wish to be super wealthy but what I actually admire him for are his decision-making abilities, the kind of decisions he makes regardless of what anyone thinks or says, that!

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and business leader who has made significant contributions to the fields of technology, sustainability, and space exploration, he's made an impact on the earth as a whole.

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I chose Elon Musk as a role model in my life because of his ambitious goals, his relentless drive for innovation, and his unwavering commitment. Some of his successes, his companies, such as Tesla and SpaceX, have changed the way we think about transportation and energy, and have set new standards for what is possible in these industries.

Do you know how challenging and inconvenient it is to decide to do what no one wants to do or what everyone else has tagged as crazy and unattainable?

Do you know how difficult it is to throw away the one thing people glorify you for(your wealth)in pursuit of what you actually want (your personal goals)?

The opportunity cost for most of his goals are his wealth, he's basically been playing roulette with his wealth. I'm more interested in the kind of decision he makes under this pressure despite his stake.
His company Tesla, which is a major name today could have collapsed way back in 2008 when he couldn't even make payroll. He could have decided to fold up and lay off his staff but surprisingly he was more concerned about making sure his employees got paid and used the last $3 million dollars he had to his name to do that and ensure Tesla kept running.

what would any rational investor/entrepreneur have done at that point


Sell off assets and salvage as much as you can

Very few people would do what Elon did. Pumping that last asset to your name into a failing business. That's like throwing money into a furnace. But he trusted his decision and did more borrowing to achieve his goals and look where he is now.

I thought to myself... and eventually concluded that the most difficult thing on earth is a decision. It sounds weird, but even having to decide on the answer to that question in itself is quite difficult.

For someone like Elon, who obviously doesn't care much about his wealth as his need for achievement, it all makes sense. He makes the craziest decisions, and he suffers for some but others justify his ends. You miss all the shots you don't take right?, I'm trying hard to be like him, to not let your fears hold you back, be decisive as at when due, and just get things done.

I have tried to be more decisive in my daily life, The reality that my life is in my hands and my future depends on the decisions I take now used to make me freeze when it came to taking major decisions and practically avoid them if i could but whenever I remember Elon and the kind of actions he took despite the reality of what could happen if it all went wrong, I get motivated to go through with my plans.

I think that everyone needs a role model in their lives to help them overcome a variety of obstacles. A source of inspiration and motivation, having a role model can encourage us to set objectives and pursue excellence. A role model can also act as a mentor and advisor, assisting us in overcoming difficulties and roadblocks that we may face. Elon Musk is an excellent example of how having a role model may help us reach our goals because of his ability to think big and conquer obstacles in spite of the odds.
I really respect Elon due to his unwavering commitment to his decisions and quest for achievement. He pursues the unknown and brings them to reality, just what kind of crazy person sets his eyes on another planet? a person focused on his goals I tell you.

If you read to this point, you're wonderful :)

 2 months ago 

Hola, excelente elección como tú ejemplo a seguir, Elon Musk es un gran genio, que ha amasado una gran cantidad de riquesas, eso sí ha tomado buenas desiciones en su vida, tras un pequeño tropiezo o bajón supo cómo manejar está situación y todo le salió muy bien porque ve hasta donde ha llegado, deseo puedas cumplir el deseo de seguir sus pasos.

Éxitos en tu participación 🤗

Gracias por tomarse el tiempo para comentar @noelisdc, Elon Musk es realmente un gran modelo a seguir para muchos. Los numerosos éxitos que ha logrado solo se aseguran de ello

Me alegro de que hayas venido, amigo mío :)

También te deseo éxito en la vida

Great post! I can see why you admire Elon Musk as a role model. It's not just his wealth, but his ability to make bold and unconventional decisions, even in the face of adversity, that is truly admirable. I also appreciate your reflection on how his example has motivated you to be more decisive in your own life. It's important to have someone to look up to and be inspired by. Keep striving for your own goals and always remember to trust in yourself and your decisions.

Thanks for the wonderful comment @fabiha. I'm glad someone sees my point of view. On being decisive in my personal life, I'm nowhere close to Elon currently haha, but I've made steps, baby steps for now lol.
Glad to have you here, i wish you success in life also

Yes I also like such personalities

i'm glad you do, glad to have you here

 2 months ago 

Good choice
Life should be embitious not meaningless

a meaningless life is a boring one haha. thanks for dropping by my friend


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