Two years after it was banned, the movie "City of Lies" is back in action to reveal the truth behind the killing of a famous singer

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"Every society gets the criminal it deserves," said former US Attorney General Robert Kennedy, brother of President John F. Kennedy, and this is confirmed by the movie "City of Lied" starring Johnny Depp, which reveals the truth behind the killing of the famous rapper Christopher. Wallace in 1997.

The Wallace Murder Case - also known by the names Peggy Smalls, Notorius, B. Which. J- a mystery, even after 18 years of his death, and no one could say why he was killed. Was it a racist crime, a competitive war between him and rapper Tupac Shakur, who was also assassinated before him, or a guerrilla war?

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The "city of lies" links a group of events that occurred during this period, and raises suspicions that there is a major conspiracy behind what happened, which is that the crime was not solved, but it was covered up.

Ignite the spark of anger

The events of the movie began with a quarrel between two drivers, one white and the other black, just 9 days after Wallace was killed, and after mutual threats between them, White shot and killed the other, and it became clear later that they were two policemen.

And here, police have called in Detective Russell Paul (Johnny Depp) to investigate the murder of Cop Frank Lega. Paul described this crime as "the first door to the maze," where he would later be able to link it to the murder case of Wallace and Shakur, and that something big is behind these crimes, not just racism or fraud.

After years of investigation, it becomes clear that the biggest obstacle to revealing the truth is not how adept the perpetrators are in hiding it, but the big suspects in standing behind it. They are Los Angeles Police officers, some of whom have been implicated in cases involving gangs who committed murder, arms and drug trafficking.

When Detective Paul tried to confront a policeman who was working in a gang suspected of being involved in the death of Wallace, the policeman said: “There is no law, there is never anything that can conquer human nature, there are many temptations, and the regime forces are made up of the police, and the policeman. He is only a man. "

After Paul faced the opposition of his superiors at work and ignored his investigations, he was forced to file a complaint against the Los Angeles Police, to end up being fired from his work and facing charges of treason from his colleagues who did not stop insulting and defaming him, and all his relations deteriorated, even with his family.

Obsessed with the truth

The news anchor is shown saying, “Who killed the rapper BIG? Were the Los Angeles Police officers involved? A mystery that has not been resolved for 18 years.” 18 years after what happened, questions are still being asked because the truth has not been revealed.

After all these years have passed, the film moves to the house of Paul, who appears with the same determination to reveal the truth even after he was fired from his work, and his house appears full of hanging pictures and evidence, and it seems as if the investigation is still in progress, and describes himself as "obsessed with the truth, this is my disease."

Later, after Paul and journalist Darius Jackson sought to re-reveal the truth, more evidence emerged, but as Paul said, “A murder like this is not left unresolved, unless the police do not want to solve it.” The case no longer needs more evidence to be resolved. All it needs is some transparency and the authority's desire for justice.

Truth or bankruptcy of the city?

Paul later reveals that one of the reasons for the police ignoring the case is their inability to bear more bad publicity, especially since the death of Wallace came only 5 years after the famous incident of the police brutal assault on the black citizen Rodney King, whose death caused the outbreak of the worst violence in The History of Los Angeles.

If the LAPD was found to be involved in the murder of Wallace, the lawsuit against them "will not only harm the police, but also bankrupt the city," Wallace said.

The film notes in its conclusion that more than half of the murders of black victims are still unsolved, as Paul said, "A white man shoots and kills a black man, who is wrong?"

Two years of ban

The film was produced in 2018, but it was banned for allegedly "Johnny Depp's bad behavior," as he was on trial at the time for assaulting the director of the film's filming location, but - according to the Daily Mail - the reason behind the film was excluded. "Los Angeles police pressure because they were scared," but he returned to the show on March 19.

Depp, through his account on Instagram, posted a picture of the movie, and thanked the family of Wallace and Paul for allowing them to tell this important story in a timely fashion, and said, "The truth is a rare bird, and this is an additional reason to search for it."

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