Star Wars Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back

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Lucas must've been paying attention

while people liked about a new hope

making sure Vader made it into the crawl

don't worry guys he's way more important

this time and another epic opening

playing off our expectations from a new

hope this time quickly moving from space

down to the planet below I don't think

there were many if any planet

establishing shots in a new hope but

Empire continues the theme of no intro

is by not naming the planet looks pretty

icy must be what those floating words

are talking about

so Iceland definitely got some tourism

off rogue one Norway musta had the same

or do people not like winter and snow as

much as I do

just a few notes of Luke's theme to give

you that quick warm fuzzy feeling to

then rip it away with the cold wind of

Hoth matter

too bad Luke's 40 cents wasn't tingling

hey someone bought the spider arms right

from those chairs the way exposition

should be done we're dropping into the

middle of an argument that's clearly

been building for three years since she

condescendingly agreed there was more to

Han than money another way this universe

feels so alive the story continues even

if we're not watching anyone getting

shoes consent on that imagine lay it

looks like a skinned cat to him still

looking out for your furry buddy why

don't you go find out it's getting dark

huh yes

you know Leia is actually dead-on with

this one not the line that encapsulates

Han Solo but an easy number two so far

we know Luke believes in the force and

he thinks he may have used the Force to

help blow up the Death Star but now we

get to see him stretching out like

obi-wan suggested I like the idea that

he may not have consciously known the

telekinesis was a force power but was

just aware of and could almost feel the

lightsabers presence because of how the

force connects everything appropriate

reaction from Logan as an armchair

commentator I'm yelling at him to stay

in the cave you have a lightsaber but

lord knows I'm running out into the cold

to my death as well you don't know that

thing might grow back two limbs like a

Hydra crows heads they're in an actual

snowstorm granted not trapped and the

takes were short but the reason the

scene seems so real is because it is Han

Solo using a lightsaber also quick

thinking from hod also my wife likes to

bring this scene up a lot but not for

the reasons you might think she says you

know that scene where Han stuffs Luke

into that kangaroo horse thingy

I love Lisi so much I want to curl up

inside her like that I realize she may

be a serial killer

I smell bad

the outside this is Rome too wouldn't

the many Bothans be wrote to I'd be

curious to know how Hamill feels about

it but it seems like a stroke of genius

to have the wampum s up Luke's face

before we really get a good look at it

to sort of explain why he looks

different after the car crash in surgery

I don't know where you get your

delusions laser brain

Chewbacca would be great at cinema wins

those that hurt nerves take umbrage with

being compared to someone so scruffy

who's scruffy-looking also we prefer

nerf 'red like Shepherd okay well I

guess I can't fault Lucas for doubling

down on the disgusting can I guess not

teamwork would it be fair to say that

Star Wars is a tad obsessed with size

yes it would be does that make it not

awesome that the super stardestroyer

makes what we used to think was a giant

ship look like a toy did I confuse

myself with the syntax of that question

Vader's intro this time is a more subtle

and artistic show of power he's too

important and busy to even face the

camera well the bridge officers looking

up like oh he's on the move someone's

choking to death for the days out there

are so many uncharted settlements

it could be smugglers it could reduce

the system I feel a promotion coming

Wookiee hugging

you have failed me for the last time

well for stroking a guy over a view

screen is a new level of badassery

baddest kindness you owe me credit I

remember that being a lot harder in

Rogue Squadron that's a seaport I'm too


right now I feel like I'm taking on the

whole empire myself oh yeah then why'd

you put on that red shirt the

anticipation of what is coming for them

I don't think the original Empire

trailer showed walkers or Yoda or even a

single lightsaber the trailers have come

a long way you used to go to a movie and

get to be surprised anyway those are my


another unique humongous terrifying mech

such an awesome sci-fi version of a tank

let me stop you stop stop writing you

can't convince me to call it an 8080

it's just don't bother if you're really

curious check out the Nerdist video in

the description I obviously see a TST

but I've said a DAT from the first time

I read it I'll never change and what a

battle tense but fun aesthetically it's

completely different from anything in a

new hope

spider-man would be proud if Tom Holland

ever watches this movie they never let

us forget about the rest of our buddies

even while the real action is going on

outside and just in general I love that

the Falcon is rarely in working

condition place so well it's a Hans

character and the realism of this

universe you know this scene is always

so tense I never noticed Luke checking

if dak was a lot even in the face of

imminent miniature crushing Luke does

the honorable thing

oh what a young shot Phil you're Nate a

couple things huge fan of the winter

trooper armor showing the adaptability

of the Empire and some creativity and

willingness to not just show us what we

know from a new hope actually taking a

risk that people would say well now who

are those guys and a testament to

Vader's presence all he needs to do is

enter a room and he's cooler than you'll

ever be optimism it's funny every time I

see that I think and they're awfully

close to each other and then they bump

into each other

even the Empire isn't above making

charge our level mistakes main fear

would have been forced choke him out so


watch this reliability the possibility

of successfully navigating an asteroid

field is approximately 3,720 to 1

never tell me the odds how do the odds

change when you add in seismic charges

listen to that swelling score you

wouldn't think Williams could possibly

improve from his first go and then he

gives us the asteroid field

well I guess technically this was true

I'm sure it's perfectly safe for joy I

mean he's a lot isn't he first glimpse

of Vader without his helmet does not

make you see him more human not even

Admiral Piett has any sympathy for him

and another amazing creation that's not

initially explained we know it's his

meditation chamber now but if you think

about it he was obviously in there with

no helmet so it's a place he can survive

without the assistant breathing it's due

to observations I'm glad you're here to

tell us these things there are a million

reasons he may have said that but in

1980 I believe he was specifically

talking about the strong force presence

created by Yoda something he couldn't

really put into words yet later he shows

the same power Vader has of recognizing

what a forced user is nearby I see this

is the first incarnation of that oh man

hi NB kids seeing this for the first

time we've never seen a picture of you

okay maybe it's impossible to fall for

this misdirection but everything about

this setup is furthering the statement

beta made in a new hope the ability to

destroy a planet is insignificant next

to the power of the force and this is

Luke getting his first taste really

strange place to find a Jedi Master I'm

not picking up any cities or technology

Luke still doesn't know to expect but I

think Curzon was more what he was

picturing and probably somebody looking

like mace windu her qui-gon for the Jedi

Master the idea that a tiny decrepit

little green trickster could be a Jedi

Master never occurred to him and it's

really his first step in starting to

truly understand the force I don't know

somehow this works and always has while

other comic relief characters sometimes

fall flat on their dumb faces I know I

don't shut up about attention to detail

but look at this crap they built this

little contraption just so Leia would

have some repair work to ignore Han

would while Han tried to flirt and get

under her skin it's Total Immersion it's

an important relationship moment that

puts you on edge the tight camera angle

the confined space and tension of will

they won't they

love that the bridge gets blown up and

then we see the hologram fade out

perfect representation of how much Vader

wants to find the Falcon and how little

he cares for entire Star Destroyers this

boy is the offspring of Anakin sky first

I realized that the plot device but I

still love that Sidious talks about

Anakin like he's a different person from

Darth Vader because he is and second

Vader has separated himself so much from

his Jedi identity that he's not even mad

the Emperor may have lied to him about

Padme his death the force is strong the

son of Skywalker must not become a Jedi

although he does reveal that Sidious is

afraid of Luke later so maybe he is mad

deep down to who is to betray you die

it's such a special character when we

first meet him he's goofy and annoying

even if he's dropping hints of his

wisdom with lines like but the second he

decides to reveal himself he becomes the

wise old master immediately and you can

see Luke recognize it and the

puppeteering and animatronics done with

yoda are phenomenally not a huge

surprise with Frank Oz behind him but

man the details in his ears and eyebrows

he still looks amazing

I'm not afraid you will be at the very

least afraid of seagulls

no feelers were harmed in the making

busy Jay another expectation subversion

which apparently Luke is meant to be

funny we just thought it was cool George

a Jedi uses the force from knowledge in

defense I'm just gonna throw 10 wins on

here let's be honest everything out of

yours mal is perfect and great advice

that goes beyond just force training the

entirety of the Jedi way was pulled from

what he teaches Luke in these short

scenes you're not listening to me are

you you're trying to hear Yoda our

camels broke our team

be strong Darkseid interestingly there's

an entire backstory about a Dark Jedi

being killed in a cave and Yoda actually

using the dark side of the force to hide

his own presence and that's all great

but just as an unexplained darkside cave

it's another interesting addition to the

vast force history these movies allude

to you gotta love that the Imperial

March doesn't play letting our brains

subtly know that that's not really Vader

and exactly what Yoda said was true Luke

brought fear into the cave with him so

Vader appeared he drew his lightsaber

first so Vader drew his esthetically I

love the use of the slow glitchy

framerate to signify the dreamlike

feeling dad shadowing also setting up

Luke's final art I'll talk about him

more when I wrap this whole thing up but

from here to the end of Jedi this story

is about Luke slippery slope to the dark

side and becoming the thing he fears

most this is the first manifestation of

that fear

bounty hunters what is your name yes


I don't know I guess I missed the boat

on Boba Fett I get it now he's got this

whole backstory and he outsmarts the guy

who wants murdered the empire so you

know well it almost worked in a new hope

if it wasn't for that hangar full of

troopers also courage amazing line but

that's actually dangerous advice and

isn't really a life lesson trying and

failing is okay but in the context of

the force what Yoda is actually trying

to get Luke to do is let go of what he

believes are his physical limitations

within the force it's sort of a

semantics issue in Luke saying he'll try

the implication is that he leaves room

to and even expects to fail and so Yoda

already knows he'll fail and says as

much believe

this right you fail Luke needs to

genuinely believe he can lift the x-wing

but it isn't until Yoda does that he

even sees it as a possibility

well that's one of the most satisfying

moments in cinema the ah filled score

that gives way to powerful victory all

Yoda's platitudes and fancy explanations

finally pay off as he proves so V

apology accepted NIDA that's bad guy who

I might add was never above cracking

murder jokes you could say captain needa

choked on his aspirations but fate

already beat you to it there's not a

system he's a man no intuition

don't bother stealing my move on my dad

followed open one like that what feels

like centuries ago the original map

painted backgrounds were beautiful but

you really can't argue with the

beautiful city as it is now Cloud City

is stunning in the pink and orange color

palette an ethereal score gave the whole

thing a dreamy like impressions you've

got a lot of guts coming here after what

you pulled

huh yeah I totally feel safe now hahaha


the old smoothy pounds not wrong to


there's no resisting bility nice to see

of the video Phase II truth that

censorship by Hadees it is you and your

abilities the Emperor once that's why I

have to go Luke's second step towards

the dark side allowing emotion to make

the decision exactly like his father to

take the easy way that you order warned

against is the dark side stronger no is

your boss ducking that boy is our last

hope okay so I know that later Ben will

say that Yoda was talking about leia and

evaan Yoda's dying words are about

another Skywalker but the second he says

there is another he's bathed in the red

light of the x-wings engines and Vader

is also a Skywalker I just think it

could be crazy foreshadowing for Vader's

final act

I mean Anakin really is the hero of this

trilogy it ends up being about his

Redemption well I guess that spider on

Droid finally our time on Shaw first

more importantly badass bad guy alas

poor Threepio I wonder if he'd rather be

or not be that's probably the question

also resembling a friend

I feel terrible honesty I never even

asked any questions

it's actually pretty genius evader to

lure Luke here like this knowing he'll

sense his friends in pain evil ingenuity

even Genuity comeuppance pest response

ever and perfectly Han Solo the princess

you have to take care of her and

although he didn't reciprocate you have

to realize that his last words to Chewie

were to take care of Leia if that's not

love also love in another apically

scored scene that carries the full

weight of the despair in the situation

it's a world 2 affair 90% of everything

that happens in these movies is a trap

one way or another the slow build-up to

this confrontation it's done so

perfectly and paste so pleasingly you

all know the Jedi and Vader's taunt and

cocky laid back but still commanding

posture the only sounds Vader's

breathing tinny footprints in the

eventual drawing of lightsabers and this

duel kicks the obi-wan Vader duels butt

all over the playground the silhouettes

the slow deliberate advances of someone

unsure of himself against someone so

confident he literally leads him into a

pit doing the right thing even at the

risk of wookie asphyxiation I also feel

the need to point out that this entire

duel is Vader toying with Luke

he hasn't want to injure the Emperor's

prize he even disarms in the same exact

way he does later and then he gets

surprised when Luke bests him similarly

to another darkside force user in the

future and once he realizes he

underestimated Luke he starts using his

vast force knowledge and power to regain

the upper hand also sorry Luke we had to

cut you from the Jedi softball team see

everyone gets mad that an astromech

droid has compatible tech with a Death

Star even though the Empire uses our two

units anyway this is what happens when

he's incompatible

a collab you'll pick up compliments whoa

video jump-scare and now proving Luke

was no match for him he totally

overpowers him and puts him on his heels

again much like the other darkside force

user he was hit in the right shoulder

realizing he could play around no more

even if he had to disappoint the Emperor

those things we take for granted but I

remember vividly the first time I saw

that the main character just lost a hand

me I greatest twist ever better than

Kaiser so say Norman Bates rosebud or

being a ghost the whole time and I had

quite a lot of viewpoints out in the

comments of a new hope that it wasn't

until the last draft of the screenplay

that Anakin was Luke's father meaning

Lucas couldn't have known which whatever

I'm not gonna stake my life on Lucas

having planned this whole thing out I

don't really care but according to the

director the only person who knew what

Vader said other than James Earl Jones

ADR and the line later was Luke David

Prowse said something different that's

how close they kept this twist to the


and I know Han will get some guff for

this performance but I find it

completely appropriate sincere and

gut-wrenching and Luke proves Yoda wrong

I could see how Yoda would think that

between death or ruling the galaxy Luke

would turn to the dark side but he chose

right I love that he doesn't even

verbally respond to Vader's offer oh man

is that Luke's hand and lights hammer

yes guys whoever owned it last is the

owner it's now Ray's lightsaber this

movie is so no-holds-barred we just got

the biggest news in the universe

Luke has pretty much checked out and

they're still fighting for their lives

immediately after high Threepio let me

introduce you to our to the hero of the

story I'm too annoyed choke yourself to

death yeah I had some problems I called

something people love to point out when

taking shots at Lucas or the prequels is

that he didn't direct episode 5 & 6 I'm

not knocking Irvin Kershner may he rest

in peace or Empire he directed an

amazing film and definitely balanced

Lucas really well but go ahead and name

another Kershner film you love are you

one of the 36 people who just can't get

enough of Robocop - no how about one of

the worst rated Bond films that was only

saved because it's impossible not to

love Connery my point is that the story

and vision played a huge part in making

the filler movie you know just the one

that gets you from point A to point B

the most loved Star Wars film second

acts are rarely the most interesting

with Heath Ledger sized exceptions to

that rule but it wasn't always that way

lots of critics and fans were confused

and disappointed I still vividly

remember that feeling after watching

Empire for the first time what that's it

the bad guy wins like almost everything

and I had another movie to watch

immediately it just feels so abrupt

after the fanfare ending of a new hope

but one looked back on with a story

complete this film takes an important

shape the action is front loaded and

then most of the rest of the film is

character story even Luke and Vader's

duel is again about the conflict between

the character is more than who's the

better swordsman

Lucas captured these characters and

while they were in foreign locations the

drama felt very familiar again don't get

me wrong

Kershner behind the lens added a unique

feel to this universe especially Hoth

it's crisp and sterile white light

everywhere and the lightsaber battle in

Cloud City is still one of my favorite

anesthetics and more nuanced moments in

the Saga the steam gives the entire

confrontation a dream aesthetic that

plays perfectly off what Luke

within this film from the dark cave to

having his entire reality turned upside

down this time around we get a look

halfway through his journey but still

very much a kid up until his

confrontation with Vader one of the

steps into adulthood is realizing that

your parents are imperfect in the short

time that Luke knew Ben he put him on a

pedestal when Ben abandons him because

of his decision to rescue his friends

and then Luke lurancy was lying from a

certain perspective his worldview was

shattered after his training on Dagobah

his clothing is ironically a few shades

darker than in a new hope empires the

movie that really expands on what the

force is yeah sure it surrounds us and

penetrates us it's everywhere

but what Yoda was trying to explain to

Luke about the ship was that the

interconnected nature of all things

means that for someone who truly

understands the force lifting a rock and

lifting a ship for the same Morpheus

actually explains it better than I could

by telling neo that when he's ready he

won't have to dodge bullets and Yoda was

a serious game changer originally it was

just gonna be obi-wan training Luke

thankfully Lucas decided a froggie

two-foot aliens should be the greatest

Jedi master of all time and the world

was forever changed even when he says

dumb stuff it sounds wise because it was

predicates and subject reversals alright

I guess he just ends with verbs I don't

know it's cool and you love it this film

also gives us Han doing what Han does

best sneaking around tricking everybody

failing at fixing the Falcon yelling at

Chewie making aggressive advances

towards Leia that Twitter would thrash

him over now and just being the coolest

sois best finger pointing a smuggler in

the galaxy and they're always on the run

in this film which adds to the

excitement and created plenty of

opportunities for comedy


then over on the dark side we get a

fully-realized Darth Vader he is the man

in charge in this film we get the idea

that the emperor is out there but for

practical purposes Vader runs the show

an empire and it makes this reveal all

the more painful something that makes

this story so heavy is how focused the

Empire I mean the entire empire is

focused on Luke Vader and the Emperor no

without Luke the rebels were really

struggling if they can turn him it's all

over it's such a huge conflict centered

on a few key players and then there are

the details so many little details that

were added or maybe just amplified an

empire like these little hilarious

nuanced movements from r2 and glances of

disbelief from Threepio or a simple

shrug from Leia things you probably

don't even consciously notice on

multiple viewings but I think your brain

registers it and it makes these

characters so real I love everything

about this film as many others do the

pacing the act structure the way it

leads so streamlined to this

confrontation like an unavoidable train

crash every the location is vibrant and

unique every musical cue is more

grandiose than before and there are very

few films that are not such a somber

note that don't depress me or make me

want to watch again and again and again

there isn't a single thing that I would

change about this film well may want me

to one thing next week the conclusion

stops having fun we destroy no problem


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