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When we hear the word ′′ city state the Italian cities-states in history during Rome, Athens, Carthage and Renaissance. But today in 2021 there are still some cities and states. One of them is the Principality of Monaco. This small independent city located on the coastal region of the Mediterranean is the 2rd smallest state in the world in the area. Monaco is a country with no agriculture or village. The whole part of the country is the city. To understand the current situation and politics of this country, we must first know five terms.

Term-01 Republic of Genoa

I think no one has heard of this country called ′′ Republic of Genoa Italy's east coastal area was an independent country from the 11th to the 18th century. Genoa's government system was ′′ Oligarchic ′′ and ′′ merchant republic I mean a few powerful bonikers ruled it. It is necessary to remember that in a monarchy system a king rules a country but in an oligarchic system a few (A small group of people) rules a country. In the Medieval Ages, the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea had a lot of Genoas.

Term-02 Constitutional Monarchy

The word constitutional monarchy was used by the first French author W. Duprey. Monarchy is the country will be run by the will of the king. And the constitutional monarchy is that there is a constitution here. According to this constitution, the king has to govern the country. For example-Bahrain, Belize, Jamaica, Granada, Cambodia etc.

Term-03 What and who are the state of Nagar

A city state is an independent state, if a country is built based on a city it is a city state. Rome, Athens, Carthage and Renaissance had Italian cities-states in history. A few cities existed until 2021, even though they are at odds on whether they are city states or not. Currently the word only applies to Luxembourg, Monaco, Singapore and Vatican City unanimously. Sometimes a city state is also called a small state.

Term-04 Modern City State

There are some small states whose characteristics resemble urban states, which is why they are sometimes called modern urban states. Qatar, Brunei, Kuwait, Bahrain and Malta are one among them. Each of them has a significant portion of the population is city-centered, they also have different unique systems and a designated or functioning (de facto) capital. Despite not having a large population city centeredness like the choric city state, a small state with a high population density can also be called a city state, such as San Marino.

Term-05 Shengen Visa

This term is very important to know. In 1985, several European countries signed an agreement in the city of Shenzhen, Luxembourg to ease their internal transportation. Countries under the agreement are called Schengen Visa and the visa provided. 26 European countries include Shenzhen region. Business or travel to 26 European countries without the hassle of a 90-day Shengen visa.

Now let's know about the Monaco country in detail:

Country, language, currency, flag, average life

Monaco is a small economically rich country in Western Europe. Constitutional name Principality of Monaco. The official language is French. This is the second smallest and most populated country in the world. Its area is about 2.020 square kilometers. According to Wikipedia data, the population is like 38,300 France on three sides and Mediterranean Sea on the other. Very close to Italy. The currency is the euro. The average lifespan is around 89 years. People from around 125 countries live in Monaco. The official language is French but they use different languages. The locals are called Mongascus and Monacan. Flag looks like Indonesia, but there is a difference in size. The city of Monte Carlo, famous for casino.


The economically rich country of Western Europe got independence from the Republic of Genoa on 8 January 1297 Later got UN membership as an independent country on May 1993, 28 Monaco is also known as the richest country in the world.

What is the main driving force of the economy

Monaco never releases their financial information. The country's economy's main driving power is the tourism industry, private and government banking sectors (Foreign Company Reserve). People's quality of living is also very improved. Main attraction casino or gambling rehearsals. One of the best motor race venue in the world Monaco. Monte Carlo is considered the centre of the country in the city's elite area.

You won't find any crime news in the Monaco newspaper

People from any country in the world usually start the day by hearing news of nerve provoking unpleasant incidents such as murder, hooliganism, accidents in the morning newspaper. Karim Monaco is the only country in the world with no news of unpleasant incidents or crimes in the newspaper. This country of the rich is safe, crime free. Thousands of cameras are watching the eyes of the country's eyes. The guard is always alert. All the cars in the country, even the newly arrived cars, are immediately scanned by taking pictures and number plates to match the information of the country's security database.

Monaco famous for beaches and casinos

Monaco is famous for beaches and casinos. This is why it's an interesting place to the riches around the world. Millions of tourists come here every year from different parts of the world. But Monaco people are banned from entering the casinos. All the millionaires, billionaires, Hollywood superstars in the world come here to vacation. Hundreds of small and big sophisticated exhibits can be seen when you visit Monaco's sea port. The world's most expensive and largest yacht floats in the Monaco sea.

Government system is a constitutional monarchy

Present King Prince Albert-2 and current State Minister of the City Pierre Dartout. The Monaco Constitution was first created in 1911, which was slightly changed in 2002 Monaco is a constitutional monarchy and governance. In July 2011, Prince Albert-2 married Charlene Whitstock. This Prince couple owns twins. Their names are Jack and Gabriela. Girl Gabriela is older but will later be held on the throne of Jack City in male legacy.

No own visa system

Monaco has no visa system of its own but Shengen has maintained a visa policy due to neighbourhood agreement with France. If you have Shengen visa you can travel to Monaco. But as additional documents you have to provide letter of interest which means you have to write down why you want to go to Monaco. After getting the visa, first you have to go to 'Coty de Azure Airport' in Nish city, France. And from there you will move to Airbus to the dream state of Monaco. Heliport service is available for R VIPs. France's Nish airport and Monaco's helport are the only flying transportation system.

Where the world's biggest gambling seat sits

World's largest gambling seat sitting in Monte Carlo. This is one of the main attractions of gamblers. The Monaco government has continuously organized the Monaco Grand Prix (Car Race Competition) since 1929 This is held every year in May. Monaco never imposes taxes on their residents.

Living in

You can easily last 3 months. But you must apply for long term visa to stay more than 3 months. But many people in Norway, Leasthenstein and Ireland live there with long term visas. And those who apply for long-term visa, are given residence cards. And this is how first 1 years and then 3 years and finally 10 years residence cards are given, which are renewable.

The process of leaving Bangladesh

Since Monaco adheres to France's guardians, the France Embassy must apply for a visa. But there is no Monaco visa program in the Ambassador of France in Bangladesh. That's why you have to apply for Monaco visa at the France Embassy in India.

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