A Bangladeshi Drafted The Constitution Of That Country, The King Of That Country Gets Married Every Year

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I'm sure you won't be surprised to know about this country. The country was once named Swaziland. People of the world accidentally called Swaziland Switzerland. Only because of this, the name was changed to Iswatini in 2018 The Bangladeshi people who live in this country of simple people are almost from Noakhali district.

The constitutional name of the country is The Kingdom of Iswatini. This country is a landlocked country small of six thousand seven hundred four square miles between South Africa and Mozambique. Here are two major cities. One is Mbabane; which is the capital of the country. And Manjini is the largest city in the country.

Government system is very amazing

The country where the African continent has the last absolute monarchy (Absolute Monarchy) is this Eswatini. Here the country is run as per the will of the king. What the king says, what he does is the law. The king is the administrative head of the country. All the responsibilities of governance of the country are his and the king is considered as a symbol of unity by everyone in the country.

So he is called ′′ The Lion of Eswatini ′′ (The Lion of Eswatini). And the queen of the country is the king's old mother. This queen is the spiritual leader of the country. So the Queen is called ′′ Elephant of Eswatini Do you know that if an elderly woman of a country is the queen of that country, I call her ′′ Dowager Queen ′′ in the language of politics.

Dozens-dozens of wives and children of kings

The country got independence from Britain in 1968 The present king is the third MSWATI. He came to power in 1986 Surprisingly, the third MSwati has a total of 15 wives and 35 sons and daughters. As long as this king is alive, he will marry one every year. His father was over 70 wives and 150 sons and daughters of the second MSwati.

Why do the kings of Eswatini get married every year?

The festival of Iswatini which is known all over the world is called 'The Read Dance'. 40,000 young girls dance and sing in this eight-day program. The king watches their dance carefully. Among these, the king who likes the best, marry that year. This is the tradition of Eswatini. The people of the country think that the king makes the unity of the country more synonymous by marrying girls from different communities in this way. Some pictures of Reed Dance and King's wives are given in the comments.

A Bangladeshi wrote the constitution

A Bangladeshi has written the constitution of this country. Bangladesh's famous barrister Amirul Islam has helped to prepare the draft of the constitution of this country. The country's parliament is with two rooms. The name of the higher room is Senate, the name of the lower room is House of Assembly.

Why the name of the country is changed?

The name of the country is changed for a strange reason. The country's previous name was Swaziland. According to the present king, the people of the world would have called it Switzerland instead of Swaziland by mistake. King III Emswati explained the name change by mentioning the name 'Iswatini' at the UN General Assembly in 2017 We are often accidentally considered Switzerland residents whenever we go to any country in the world, he said. Sometimes they have to fall into identity crisis. That's why this step is taken.

The people of Noakhali district live in this simple and simple country

The people of this small country are very simple and simple nature, which consists of only 4 districts. Compared to the Bengalis, they are very foolish, they rarely understand the meaning. People are available for all types of work, but it is very difficult to explain when they are doing the work. Like us hands can't count money, spread money on the table or anything, then count one by one. Many Bangladeshi live in this country of simple people, but almost all of them are from Noakhali district. Only Allah knows if these clever and intelligent people of Noakhali sit there because they want Noakhali division! LOL

Beautiful lifestyle

People here have less hair on their heads. That's why they put new wigs on their heads every month. Spends a lot of money on hair month by month. They like Asian hair very much, pulling hair with hand to see if it is real. They are very aware of eating, they don't like oil, sugar and spices. Even then they are fat because of eating corn.

Using tin instead of roof on almost everything

Most of the people in this country are Christians. But they respect all religions. They sell a lot of handmade things. Works a lot of perfect hand work. No matter how big a house is built, it gives tin on top. Even big banks, offices, malls, put tins on everything, they say a roof on the top is a waste of money.

Inkana Festival

'Inkana' is one of the splendid festivals of Iswatini. This program has been going on for hundreds of years. Inkana means the first fruit festival. That means a festival of trying new fruits after a season. It is celebrated in the last week of December or the first week of January. The time was fixed by the Swazi residents by looking at their ancestral and traditional rituals. Absolutely cultural decoration and festive environment are created. Almost everyone participates in this event. The day long event is celebrated royally. The festival is held in different episodes but there is no permission to take pictures of each episode of the festival.


They like to burn meat. They call burnt meat a braai. They eat this meat on special days. As we celebrate New Year, they also celebrate the first day of the year as 'Braai Day'. That day everyone eats burnt meat leaving all the work. There is no adulteration in the food here, they don't understand adulteration.

Credit: Muhammad Miraj Mia brother,
Department of Political Science, Dhaka University.