The Diary Game [5th February, 2023]: Thanksgiving Service To God

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The day started very bright today. We thank God for such a blessed day today. God has been good. Throughout the whole yesterday, God has made the day wonderful. He aided us yesterday throughout the funeral. In all our rounds throughout the grounds, he was there to be with us. Today is another day and we are getting ready to go to church to say thank you to God for what he has done for the whole family.


Inside Pragya


Going To Church

Immediately I woke up, I knew that there was church today so I had to prepare quickly and leave. I performed my early morning routines. I prayed to God for a good morning and his mercies yesterday. I again asked God to bless today for us so that we can say thank you. I then brushed my teeth and ironed my clothes and got ready for church. My brothers and sisters also Got prepared for the church.


@juzkid In Church


Offertory Time

I closed the door and got going. I was moving with my sister and my brother. My elder sister will join us when we get there. My mother had already gone there. Some of the extended family also were already there. We were a little late so we had to rush to the place very quickly. The sun was already out. The rains that came on Friday were very strong but they couldn't make the ground moist. The ground was a little dusty so I had to take care of my steps.


@juzkid Outside


Some Members Outside

We stopped a pragya that was passing and moved straight to the church area. When we got to the place, the church was ongoing and some of the family were inside the Presbyterian Church. The place was very packed. We were all wearing a white shirt. I joined the place and together we went to say thank you to God.


Hymn Time


Some Members Standing

Praises and worship came to an end and the pastor took the pulpit. He prayed about love and togetherness among the family. He prayed for strength and progress for the family and he urged everyone to be positive and work hard. He again prayed for the whole family. He urged us to always pray to God and thank him for everything he has done for us.


After Service

Hymns were shared. The whole family came out to take some pictures. It has been an amazing church service. We headed towards the family house to talk about family monetary issues. We sat for about 2 hours and finished with it. We then went to my late grandmother's house to enjoy some food. Different foods were shared. It was a serve yourself day. We thank God for today and it has been an awesome day and everything has come out well. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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I am glad you could share your day with us. Ot is good for families to meet to glorify the name of the creator. It is great and i strongly believe that her soul will be at rest.

Greetings .

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