The Diary Game [4th February, 2023]: Funeral Preparation For My Grandma

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Hello Steemit Family

It always such a delight to share with you. I have great conviction that you are all doing awesome. I am fine and strong here. Except for the fact that I couldn't share with you yesterday. But I would like to crave your indulgence and share yesterday with you this this diary Let us try to power up to stay relevant on the steem platform and also support the steem economy.


At The Funeral Grounds

Each day comes to us with joy and fun. Let me confess that the good God has done well to support us in our daily endeavors and we must be glad that He is always with us. Immediately I woke up from my bed, I had to quickly prepare and live the house with the family in order to go to the place where the funeral with take place. I therefore had my morning prayers as usual. It has been a blessing each morning doing that and I entreat you all to copy same.
I prayed and read some of the passages in Proverbs.


When The Ambulance Was In


Taking Casket From House

I quickly brushed my teeth and did some jumping around as a form of exercise in the morning. I then went to the iron stand and had my clothes ironed. Since it was be morning service, we had to move with a different attire. As the grandchildren, we were suppose to all wear black. I then took my bath and dressed for the place. My family and I picked a pragya and travelled to where the morning service will take place.


Funeral Place


@juzkid At The Funeral

We set off from the place. It is my grandmother's funeral. It is my mother side. We had to join in order to make the whole occasion a success. When we got to the place, the corpse was laid in state and the extended family all came around to say goodbye to the family. Indeed there were a whole lot of people around to give their support to the whole occasion. People cried to show how they love the gone soul.


Casket To The Grounds


Her Banner

It is important to note that, it didn't take too long a time to live the place to where the church service will take place. The corpse was put in the casket and was went to the funeral grounds where the Presbyterian Church will have the service. My grandmother was a Presbyterian.


Inside The Ambulance


Carrying Casket

There were three corpse for the morning service. This is because they were all Presbyterian and the pastor asked that it should all be done ones. The Presbyterian hymns and the morning prayers came. I was supposed to read the tribute for the grandchildren. All the tributes for the families were read out. I read my part of it. In fact the whole family were crying. My grandmother indeed lead a memorable life. Her children in Canada and United Kingdom came around to support the occasion.


At The Table


Taking Contributions

The casket was then sent to the cemetery after everything was done. The services over there were all done. Actually, I didn't join then at the cemetery so I went to the house to change my attire for the shirt the family members sow. It was a beautiful cloth. I then went back to the place after I came home. I was then asked to sit beside the table and take the funeral contributions. Indeed the well wishes and supporters all came to support the occasion.


Back To Funeral Grounds

It went on my dances also took place. It has been such a wonderful day. Though it is sad but we know that our grandmother rests in the bossom of the Lord Almighty. It has been shinning very bright today. But today has been a blessing. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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My condolences to you for your loss and the entire family.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.
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