The Diary Game [3rd February, 2023]: Ironing Clothes, Preparing For Funeral Preparation, Decorating Mourning Place

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Hello Steemit Family

Greetings to all and sundry. I am glad to come your way again today. I am super elated anytime I get the opportunity to share with you. I hope you can keep the passion and also have the same urge to be frequently posting with us. Let us try to power up to stay relevant on the blockchain and also to support the economy.


Decorations Ongoing

Mornings are always wonderful. This is because it opens up a day and if the day will be a blessing then the morning must be so wonderful. But we can't start a day without talking to our maker. God is the provider of everything on earth and one must give reverence to his name. Immediately I woke up early in the morning, I made sure that I pray to God and say I big thank you to his name for the goodness and mercies. I then read some scriptures In Proverbs 24 and as always, I love to read it.


@juzkid Ironing


Clothes Ironing

After that was done, I brushed my teeth and got going and had some form of exercise. Exercises are best in the morning and I made sure that I jumped around and stretched myself. After that was done, I knew we had a funeral to attend tomorrow so we had to join the other members of the family to go and prepare where the funeral will be mourned. I then went quickly to take my bath and prepared to leave the house.


@juzkid Walking


To The Roadside

I picked up some clothes my mother left behind for me to iron. I started ironing the clothes. You know how the women dress their clothes are many and one must take care in ironing the clothes so that she wouldn't struggle with the preparation tomorrow. After the ironing, I clothed the door and started to leave the house.


Worker Striking Nail


@juzkid In The Sun

The way from this place to where I will get a pragya to where the decorations are is not far from my house so I walked to the roadside. Too much dust was all over so I had to take time in my movement so that I wouldn't make myself too dirty. The sun was also performing its duties. It was shining too much.


@juzkid Helping Work


Some Of The Decorations

After I alighted at the place where the decorations were ongoing, I went to supervise the activities at the place. I put the decorators to order . They were starting with the mailing of some woods so that the clothes for the decorations will be beautiful. It was a blue and white decoration.


@juzkid Observing


Items For Decorations

The sun was disturbing the work we were doing and after about two-hour time, the place looked fine. People who will be coming around to mourn with us will love the place because we did a good job today. It has been a stressful day today full of sunshine and sweat but we are happy the whole preparation has come to an end. Tomorrow will be the actual day of the occasion and we pray for the best. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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This is beautiful. I always like the hard work you always put in everything you are doing. Keep up the good work.

The decorations are really nice. Thanks for sharing with us.


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