The Diary Game [31st January, 2023]: Attending Class, Teachers Enjoying Meals

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Hello Steemit Bosses

School again, I greet you all my noble family members. It is a pleasure to join you always and share with you. I have great positivity that you are all doing fine and dandy as I am doing here. Mornings to me are always such a blessing. I therefore do not play with my morning, but invest on prayer so that the morning will be bright and the rest of the day will be very awesome as well. Prayers are necessary since they support us in our good and bad times.


Teachers Eating Banku

I wake up today at exactly 6:30am and as usual went on to my daily activity for the day. After praying as aforesaid, I then read some passages in the Bible and then prayed again. The sun was already coming in the room so I had to quickly rush to go to school by doing the other necessary preparations. I then got to the washroom and had my teeth brushed and also take my bath. I didn't exercise that much that is why I feel not to talk about it.


@juzkid In Class


Teaching Students

After bathing, I headed towards outside after I locked my door and switched off all electrical appliances. When I got going, the sun had already set in. 7:00am was the time and I knew I was getting late. Prior to today, I switched a lot of movies and it went through the night. That was the reason I was a little late this morning.


At The School Entrance


During Break

When got to school, I then entered the staff common room and had my name signed in the attendance book. I then dropped my bag and took the necessary books and got going to the classroom. I had a morning lesson at 1A1. This morning I intended to read one of their passages in their course book. We read the passage and I discussed honesty with the students. Some of the vocabulary items that were taught are alacrity, persistent, desperation. I had treated this with all the classes and I had to teach this class too. They all contributed effectively to the success of the lesson.


At The Staff Common Room


@juzkid In Staff

Break time came and I had to leave the students and get to the staff common room. At the staff common room, teachers were supposed to eat banku with groundnut soup as their morning food. They served themselves and most of them are together. While they ate, they shared funny jokes at the staff common room.


@juzkid During Lunch


Teachers Enjoying Meals

After the break came to an end, I left the staff common room and as usual classes continued and continued. It has been such a sunny day. There are no signs of rain and it is such a busy day. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


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It is great to see that you report on time. I was happy you were able to come to work early and you got your name pen down.

Greetings and thanks for sharing .

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