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RE: Finding the Truth With the Doubtful Method

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Hello @Muftii!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful post whith such deep concepts and philosophy. We live in a world made by different shades of colors, nothing is just black or white, and perspectives are different between us all. But we can reach agreement on facts, measures and even some of our senses and intelligence.

I gladly will assist you in any concrete question. Please, check our previous weekly reports, there is some important information on the operation of your account. You need to be used to your keys, transactions, power ups. We will be setting a curation trail, look at the new report for tomorrow.

Check for our weekly challenges, this week there's a special one, Interview with Xpilar. Is in our last report!!

I think you know how to interact and create content, just enjoy, visit your fellow Members and give them some thoughts and up-votes on posts and comments.

I send you good wishes for this journey on the Knitrias Project.


ok @knitrias ..,
let's have fun .., I hope this project will be more successful in the future

Thanks for the well wishes!!
A big hug!! 🤗

hi @knitrias
Tight hug!! 🤗
hug, don't let go again 🌹😁



Hi @knitrias
Mohon do'anya, semoga saya masuk nominasi.
Dibawah ini para peserta kontes

That's great @Muftii!! I'm going to give a vote for you!!
All the best!! 🤗

thank you @knitrias,
You are indeed a good friend all over the world ..🌹🤗

You are welcome @Muftii!! Good luck!! 💃

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