Your brain builds your reality, Build Happiness.

Your brain builds your reality, Build Happiness.


We live in a world that is increasingly complex and where there are also more and more people with a bad mood, which then makes our brain and our mind not play tricks one day and we feel anxious or depressed when that does not it is the natural state of any animal, including the human being all our sensory perceptions, what we see, what we hear, what we read, are interpreted by our subconscious, like sunlight or like someone's kiss on an electrical impulse that your brain is going to interpret and depending on which areas of the brain that you use most often and have the most trained, what interpretation and what response are you going to give to all that; Basically your brain builds the reality of how you live, so if I change my neural networks and this interpretation changes, it changed how I feel, yes basically that is what you have to do to feel better.

How do I change these areas that my brain uses and how do I change this interpretation;

Well that is where meditation comes in as a tool that we can use to change all this, your brain trains as much as Serena Williams for example, it has a better tennis serve than I do because it trains it for years than I do, because I train all the time. In life there are brain areas that in addition to defining how you are going to play tennis define what interpretation you are going to give to what you are seeing or hearing in the example of the tennis player it is better because their brain areas of motor coordination were trained to give a better coordination, more strength, more skill et cetera, but the moral of all this is that they are trainable areas.

And what about the mood, I can also train it;

Yes of course yes, imagine this situation an ancestor of yours from 15 thousand years ago is walking through the forest is joining fences to a plant that he found and suddenly hears a sound from the bushes, his brain at that moment can decide two options; You can decide that this sound is simply wind in the bushes or some small animal that does not represent a threat in the bushes, where you could calmly gather more food and continue gathering that food to have more food later and the other option, where that sound represents a predator, which can kill it to eat, the second option the predator option is less likely, the brain of your ancestor can generalize and assume that it is always wind, the sound that he hears in the bushes, but on the occasion in which is effectively a predator, your ancestor would be eaten by a predator, so the brain of every ancestor chooses to assume that whenever he hears the sound in the bushes he has to assume that he is a predator, these types of situations are called 'false positives' where I I always assume something is a threat when it isn't necessarily.

The problem is that for survival it makes much more sense to assume the 'false positive' and think that there is always a real threat, that the danger is always real and run away because at most I will lose my berries but I will stay alive, this is the reason why in general when you have a problem your mind imagines the worst possible solution to the problem and exaggerates the potential risks of this to theoretically protect you, the problem is that we continue to be wired in this way at the neural level to protect ourselves and to survive Despite these threats, they are no longer real, then if we come with a brain that is already wired from the factory that way.

How we modify;

Training what to think differently, if I know that by nature I come like this, mainly for my survival, it means that my happiness of my tranquility effectively depends on training this type of process, there will be people who are naturally more skilled than other people in this type of workouts, but we can all benefit from training our perception through meditation, there are thousands and thousands of different types of meditations all with the same objective, which is to reduce excess mental activity, make our brain function slower or more coordinated and less chaotic, that generate less stress level and less sense of danger.

Now this is not "new age" theory, we can measure it in our brain and we can measure the patterns of brain wave functioning where people who do more meditations work longer in a type of waves called alpha waves, which make us more efficient error terms, make us have less stress, less anxiety and give us a lot of health benefits that are not even worth mentioning, because surely you have already heard them regarding blood pressure, heart rate etc. and comparatively the one that He does not meditate, he has a higher stress level and works more in the beta wave, which makes him express himself more, become more anxious or have less deep sleep and a lot of other consequences that basically tell you meditate, in the next post I will show you some meditation technique to lower the activity of your mind and reach the alpha state.