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RE: Zen Vibes - Know Yourself aka The importance of alone time for people like me

in Natural Medicine2 years ago

I LOVE alone time. That sounds so perfect Vin. And a beautiful place too. Wanna housesit for me here in Australia for 6 months? Not even joking. March to October. Free car. You just need to pay for firewood and electricity. Oh and mow. 😂


Wow! What an offer, haha and you're not even joking...
A shame I don't have a driver's license. It sounds pretty amazing.

Do you, by any chance, know a nice single woman who wants to be my private driver? ( Driving Mr. Nijman )

Ha, no I don't! New Years Goal: get licence, move to Australia for 6 months, find nice Aussie girlfriend to take home to Portugal..