Goals for this new year, art, science and nature.

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A new year gives us the possibility of being reborn in a cycle greater than that of day and night, if we let ourselves go in the internal magic of the cycles while listening to our internal being then we will be a plant that gives the fruits we want to give .

In all this growth process that being alive encloses the undoubted fact that we dropped the leaves and we will be empty to give way to the birth of new greens, new fruits and new life, keeping the trunk firm standing any season and temperature, Knowing what the weather does not matter or the changes present, we always have the opportunity to be home, take others cold and grow.


Why I choose this goals?

grandmother is an artist and I admire her so much, if is not that, then I just like to be the best version of me, trying to be a helper and a doer since I had concious.

Research about the benefits?

Pitagoras(see their mat there's armony), Tesla(cabalistic math), Da Vinci(see their paintings they had more information than a book), Stanivslasky(their teather method is gold (: ), Jodorowsky (the only one on this list who is alive) , Hipocrates(pls breath).

I say this because in essence we are that, a growing organism that will bear fruit. Living in an artificial society, almost all of our nutrients lack a soul (trap culture, corruption, ego), they have not been consciously decided by our being and that directly affects the absence of integrality, this year I ask to set my sights on the world internal to be able to develop the intellect, the inner peace and the body.

In 2019 I took measures for all this, being able to observe in my now the ability to read books in both English and Spanish in a fluent and conscious way, I could gradually notice how grabbing books and readings in different languages ​​without fear led me to enjoy Reading as an extension of my being.

! [IMG_20200103_102613.jpg] ()

I bought this book from a man in the street, it has fundamentals of physics, which I am looking for to help me better understand the phenomena of nature, I am grateful to have studied audio since I am now able to digest this type of information.

This year I also resume the habit of the arts, I dream of being an integral artist (even the fact of putting "dream" makes this a future sentence but since I don't believe in time, internally I say I am, so that this happens .)


So I will continue my walk in the Ruben Dario Gil Acting workshops, it has been an honor for me to be there, not only sharing with Ruben's teaching but also with various Lights that have decided to come and impregnate us with knowledge of alchemy, expression bodily, dance, yoga, meditations and music, especially I mention our sighted teacher, who has helped us heal past traumas and prevent bitter situations, letting us know that the answer is love.

In the musical area and more specifically speaking of 432Hz and its healing because I have the goal of making a record or some type of professional record that has these frequencies, something that makes me totally happy, also adding that I have known excellent medical musicians who walk With me in this ancient knowledge.


Also this year I want to deepen my connection to nature, last year I had some experiences in the mountains and in the sea, I hope to be part of my active life all these activities to always keep me in energies of nature, being able to purify all this Sound, physical and spiritual garbage to which we inevitably see ourselves exposed within a city, already in this new year I went to the beach!


My approach is that these three personal endeavors of mind, body and spirit gradually contribute to my artistic / musical work, allowing me to observe and narrate life from different approaches, with increasing awareness towards the truth, the free expression of communication.

I would like to had better food habits but for now I just want to eat three meals a day, gaining some kg would be okay.


Interesting health goals for sure, something different than fasting, quitting coffee, smoking or eating sugar.

I remember having read an earlier post of you about healing frequencies of music and I find it muy interessante.

You might want to check out the books-podcasts-courses channel in the Natural Medicine Discord. You might like the podcast about nature balancing music that I shared on there yesterday.

Healing with music and creativity and spending more time with and being in balance with nature are very, very important.

I hope more and more people will figure that out very soon.

Un abrazo desde Portugal!

What wonderful goals. My husband is a physicist and he would appreciate your book! Reading is the way to go for sure... expand the mind always! You are a gift to the world, Jose!

@trucklife-family here, what great goals, to deepen your knowledge, to learn more about healing and to share it with the world. That is a gift for all. Thank you for all that you do.
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