Fruits and Vegetable Photography

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Happy Thursday Steem,

Here are some of my photography shots of of fruits and vegetables


My first shot was from a restaurant I used to go to that had one of the best avocado sandwiches I have ever had. This was the good to place for lunch and the meal came with a bag of chips and a glass of ice tea. How I miss it. Unfortunately the staff of the place changed one day the item was taken off the menu. It was a very sad day.

WP_20150110_14_52_09_Pro (3).jpg


Sure pizza is not a fruit or a vegetable (though it is one of the main food groups in my opinion) but the sauce and toppings are. Look at how good those Tomato looks. This picture was taken from a vacation that I have really good memories from. And that pizza is on the list. Now the only question is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable? Either way it qualifies.


The Withered Berry

This photo was taken on a cold day near the water. I don't recall the exact time but I'm guessing it was right before winter started. This isn't a berry I would eat but I felt the photo was worth sharing.




Those are my fruit and vegetable photos. Now I'm hungry.

How about you?

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