Beautiful flowers in our flower garden

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невідомі квіти 1.jpg

My mother recently bought and planted flowers in our garden. Unfortunately, the saleswoman didn't know their name, I don't know either. Nevertheless, these flowers are very beautiful and will be the decoration of our garden.Моя мати нещодавно купила і посадила у нас в саду квіти. На жаль, продавчиня не знала їхньої назви, я теж не знаю. Та не зважаючи на це ці квіти дуже красиві і буду окрасою нашого саду.

невідомі квіти 2.jpg

невідомі квіти 3.jpg

невідомі квіти 4.jpg

невідомі квіти 5.jpg

These photos were originally published to Hive blog.


WoW amazing photos :)

You post some epic photos!

Do you edit the photos before you post or are they raw photos?

Thanks for your sincere feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it! And yes, I slightly processed the image in Lightroom

Keep up the good work.. I am just getting into Photography and I am trying to get different ideas from different people ... thanks for the inspiration :)

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wow beautiful photography
unique photography

thanks, I'm glad you liked it!

U r always welcome dearest friend @shady

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