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The Infant

IMG_5370 2 (1).jpeg

the infant is safe
cocooned in the womb
that delays conception

IMG_5366 2.jpeg

innocent murmurs and coos
would be drowned out by the frantic tattoo
of hearts marching to a fearful fugue

life cannot gain foothold
in a disturbed soil

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IMG_5340 (2).jpeg

IMG_5340 (1).jpeg



a sharp inferno burns; flames honed to needles
caustic and cutting under the guise of therapeutics
a promise to cut out the poisonous air

IMG_5364 2.jpeg

nano Trojans
hide in metallic helices

the legions are famished

not satiated with the weathered
the sparse bones of the ancient


IMG_5342 (1).jpeg


the Minute Men will feed
on the tender and yet unfurled

the cowardly traitors
will bear hollow virtue shields
to delay their own demise


the infant will not break seed
the young will not break bud

Achilles will run in circles
until his heel is ground
the Earth eroded

IMG_5369 2.jpeg

the embryo continues to gestate
within the womb that finds peace

when the land is allowed to settle again
petty warriors and tyrants defeat themselves

the infant will be remembered
the young cherished and protected
gentle conception allowed again



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