Melancholy, Photography and Reflection

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Today, taking a walk through one of those happy little towns that are sheltered by that impressive natural depression that is the Sierra de Guadarrama, I have seen a street that had the curious name of Melancolía Alta.


And inevitably, certain well-known archetypes have come to my mind, such as autumn and its melancholic farewell to life, where the landscapes, before being carried away by the fury of the winter winds, display all their chromatic beauty, perhaps thinking of the mythical and happy Arcadia-


But there was, without a doubt, a poet who, reflecting on the fuel that really encourages the engine of melancholy, which is none other than the inexorable passing of time, defined that state of painful lucidity, like the Byzantium Syndrome.


Gariel Celaya was the poet and I have also thought of him, while he let me go down the street of Melancolía Alta.


NOTICE: Both the text and the accompanying photographs are my exclusive intellectual property.

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