Cuppa Time with Russ - 5th March 2020

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Welcome to Cuppa Time with Russ

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I think that it's $50, but maybe will price go up soon?

Hi Zoltan - Thanks for dropping by

you have been paced in the running for a quiz prize

Hi Kimberly, thanks for showing up every day

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I was a free member of Traffic Leads 2 Income VM for a long time. I just recently upgraded with the newest promotion and got a share in the co-op! Very happy I made that choice.

Hi Lisa - TL2ivm is a great program,

Hi Russ! I think I missed yesterdays Cuppa Time..shame on me!
The Co-Op share is at the moment $50 :)

Hi Eliana - yes, how dare you let that Holiday get in the way , lol

Hope you are enjoying Family and a different space :)

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