Hive-engine Is Coming - Plus #2020vision Day +30

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Hive-engine Is Coming

So there is really great news, Hive-engine will come to the Hive blockchain, and you can read the details in this post,

As was stated there it will take quite a while before it's ready, but when it launches Steem-engine tribes will be able to migrate to the Hive blochain.

Now I don't know if @jongolson will do that, but the fact that he is taking large steps to migrate speaks in that direction.

For myself I will move over as much as I can and as soon as I can, so it is great news indeed to see development for tribes on Hive.

In the meantime I will do a daily post on CTPtalk and the rest will be on Hive.

2020Vision Day +30

So I continue to watch 4 ads per day for my #2020vision, my form of creative pushups, and today I made that in ClickVoyager, and you can see my Weekly Schedule here.

2020vison was started by @pixiepost to draw attention and awareness to the Steem blockchain and to promote health and the Actifit dApp, and you can see her announcement here.

Screenshots from my mobile watching 4 ads.





So that was my #2020vision for today, leave your thoughts in the comments below, and ...

Stay Awesome!

Erik Gustafsson

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I saw the video where he is starting a power down!

Yeah I will also power down when I get back all my delegations.

Looking forward to the realization of Hive-Engine. Thanks for the heads-up, Erik.

Thanks David, yeah let's just hope they can make it before the Hive SMT's, if not then tribes will have a hard time on Hive.

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