The CTP Update - We're An Official Dtube Forum Sponsor

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We had a mission when we relaunched ClickTrackProfit about 6 months ago...

To bridge the gap between affiliate marketing and the blockchain.

And our missions has been...Quite the adventure so far!

We're seeing lots of amazing people from both sides of the spectrum getting to know each other and offering massive value to each other.

Amazing members of the blockchain and getting to know the amazing members of the CTP community and vice versa....

And when it comes to affiliate marketing, content creation plays a HUGE role in your journey.

So when we got presented with the opportunity to become one of the official sponsors of the upcoming Dtube Forum we jumped at the opportunity!

Dtube Forum – Let s get together.png

The forum is an annual event that focuses on the amazing creative community within Dtube

This year it's being held in Hamburg Germany and it's a few days of amazing networking opportunities, passionate speaker, tips and tricks on how you can become a better content creator....Using one of the premier decentralized applications on any blockchain - Dtube!

It's the perfect fit!

We want to highlight how important it is to use tools like Dtube for your content marketing journey but also bring together....Content creators, passionate entrepreneurs and blockchain enthusiasts!

We believe the Dtube Forum does this and so much more...

To learn more about the forum and event be sure to follow them on Steem Dtube.Forum

Or check out their website here!

The conference will be held on May 15th to the 17th and we've already heard a few ClickTrackProfit members will be in attendance :)

We look forward to spreading the news about the forum and also bringing much more awareness to the opportunity to create content on Dtube and get to know it's awesome community of creators....

2020 is proving to be...Legendary :)


Learn more about the CTP, CTP Token and the Fire-Pay IPI:

Join our Affiliate Marketing & Entrepreneurship Community Here -

The Union Is Here!

Blockchain meets Affiliate Marketing....

CTP Condenser -

CTP Token on Steem-Engine -

CTP Token on SteemLeo DEX -


Very cool news indeed - I LOVE Dtube (as you already know) and this is an "awesome sauce" addition to the brand of CTP...

It's such a fantastic application and really supports it's community of creators.

This is great news and what crossing bridges is all about.
It will be a great bonus to see CTP on all their material. having sponsored a number of events in the past I know its a buuzz :)
I guess now thugh as a Mmeber of CTP and a member of DTube, I am going to have to work more dilligently in making D Tube work for me :)

I think that all CTP members should expouse the benefits of DTube in some sort of way :)

I put the challenge out there for all members to create a DTube Video with content about Click Track Profit :)

Great idea....Let's see those videos!!!

Get people creating using the app would be awesome!

This is AWESOME news and let's make purple cow from the CTP on Dtube Forum!
We stick from the crowd! We are NO EXCUSERS! :)

Agreed....It's pretty exciting when you think about it....But what a perfect fit for what we are trying to bring to the world!

Excellent News. I will try to follow what is happening with this news. Way to Go CTP!!!

Thanks man...Another step to bring this Steem / blockchain stuff to the world..And of course, more marketers to the community as well!

That is so AWESOME :)
So damn proud of our community and happy to watch CTP grow!
The Force of the Fireball is spreading!!

It's so awesome!

Love bringing awareness to our community, we fly under the radar on Steem and this will bring more awareness to the amazing things you guys have been doing.

Really great news and as the host of the upcoming I am happy to welcome you on board! The theme of this year is "Let's get together" but we can expand it to "Let's work together"!

I am super stoked and excited for the event and the achievements coming with it :)

This is really great news Jon, and as I have said I bought a ticket back in November and will do my best to be there, keep up your awesome work.

Great news for CTP. Keeps us informed..

I need to use DTube more. I usually use it to share about travel. Happy to see CTP making its presence felt. Proud to be part of this tribe. ^_^

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