Help! Help!! Please help me rescue my cat 🐱

in Account Booster 👍2 years ago (edited)

Hi friend!

Sometimes FOMOing in is fun too. I just FOMOed into a Moon Cat. But I'm stuck.

I just encountered a Moon Cat, unprepared for it. But I would like to rescue her anyway (Yes, I know, Gas is precious but a life is a life!). However I don't know how to rescue this cat!


I just mined this Moon Cat from Moon Cat Rescue without connecting my Metamask wallet.

Manual mining led me to this cat but it gives the following instruction to rescue it into its new home at Ethereum blockchain:


I've never submitted a Seed to any Ethereum contract address so far.
Can you please guide me how to do that?

Someone just told me that they have all been rescued. Then who is she? Can't we rescue this one too! I hope, we could!

Help! Help!! Help her!!!
Isn't she cute?
She won't survive on Moon for long.

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