NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY - Natural Beauty in the morning with Sunrise background.

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Good Afternoon My Steemians Friends. I hope all of you are doing well. This afternoon I will show you 3 photos from my collection which were captured about 4 months ago. This photo I took in the morning, when I was looking for a photo moment about the beauty of Sunrise. That morning I purposely went to Rayeuk Pool, near my house. The distance from my house to the Blang Rayeuk Pool is about 2 km. I often come here, because of the natural beauty around the pond. This pond is where people fish. In the afternoon, this pond is visited by many anglers to fish here. That morning I got a good photo moment about the natural scenery with the Sunrise background. On this occasion I show 3 photos about the beauty of nature with the background of Sunrise. I hope my friends here like it.



This life is never separated from Nature. Because nature always makes us excited because of its beauty. The beauty of Nature makes me smile and pleases my heart. And I can forget for a moment the hardships of my life struggle. I am a person who is always addicted to nature, there is not a day that I don't use to record beauty with my cellphone camera. Photography is a hobby that I have been doing for a long time. I'm always looking for beautiful moments about nature that I can capture with my cellphone camera.





Photo Capture byCellular Camera Realme 6 Pro
Photography CatagoryNature Photography
Location CaptureBlang Rayeuk Pool, Lhokseumawe City
Photografer by@tucsond



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