Steemit runs very slowly

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Steemit runs very slowly

I haven't been able to use Steemit properly for a few days. The performance (website speed) is so bad that it sometimes takes 60 seconds before a page is loaded. I often see the message "Page does not exist" even though the page is there. I've tried VPN too, but it's no better. Obviously the Steemit frontend has technical problems.

Up here is some data from In this case the page was completely loaded after 22 seconds, which also takes far too long. The webmasters should address this problem. I recommend keeping an eye on the redirects. Some things don't seem to be optimally configured.



Ave Atque Vale!

사랑은 나에게 신성한

My better search for STEEMIT:

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The same here last three days; it seems to be solved yet...;-))

das gleiche wie ich @seo-boss bisher erlebt habe

Mr @seo-boss , you are absolutely right .. steemit is very slow .. maybe under maintenance or hard fork to update the site.

We hope that everything will be back to normal and smooth again.

Thank you very much for sharing this information.

Ist doch #POLYGON Zeit .

Hope it will be up and running soon.

It seems to have been fixed.

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So pleased it has come right @seoboss 😊

Oh it turns out.. the steemit site is jammed.. from yesterday I thought my smartphone was slow or my internet was slow. Apparently Steemit is slowing down..
Thank you very much for the information you provided.. nice to meet you..

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