Color pencils portrait!! (first post since I got hacked)

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It has taken some strength getting myself to make another post since both my hive and steemit accounts got hacked and I lost some money. Anyways, life happens. We learn and move.

Today I'd like to share a color pencil portrait I finished recently. It took me a whole week to make. I usually apply a base layer of values with pastel chalks before refining with pencils but I've been having problems with this approach since I got prismacolor premier pencils. They seem not to work well with the Reeves pastel chalks I currently use.


So for this portrait it was just prismacolor pencils and charcoal on the face and this approach takes a lot of time, you have to start with very light strokes and then build multiple layers on them.


I was able to use pastels for parts of the cap and top followed by Eerwent Color Pencils which work well with my pastels. Enjoy more progress shots below.







What are your thoughts on this? I'd love to hear your honest opinion. Thanks for stopping by friends, don't forget to keep your accounts safe!


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