Improving composition through Slanted Angle

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There are many ways to make a composition more interesting and one of them is as simple as the slanted or diagonal angle. However, you should bear in mind that it can't be applied to every subject. What I observed is that it mostly applies to subjects that feel natural to be in this position; angular or slanted.

Let me show you some of the photos that I took.

Here's a photo of a leaf with morning dew on them.

Here's another way to look at this photo. Personally, I feel like the image is boring when composed in a horizontal or flat line arrangement. The photo with a slanted angle is more exciting.


Here's another example that makes a subject more interesting on a slanted angle composition.

In this photo, the main subject may not be on a slanted angle but the supporting elements are, the leaves behind it made this image more exciting than the image below.


Here's another example that uses the leading lines to achieve the same effect.

I don't mean that the image looks bad when the stem (leading line) is arranged vertically, I just feel like it looks better when it's slanted.

Here's the other way to look at this composition.


Have a great day!