Creating photos have therapeutic effects

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The world is changing quickly and it feels like our movements are getting restricted because of the cause of the recent pandemic. People are more hesitant to out in public and our activities are also limited even within our neighborhood.

I feel lucky that I live in a place that is away from the city and there are very few residents in the neighborhood. And the best part is that our place is nearby a forest reserve. There is plenty of space for me to move around.

The only thing that I think about is what to do with too much serenity?

Don't get me wrong because I really like serenity. But I also feel like it's becoming customary & boring. There are times that it's getting stressful that I don't have anything else to do. And during those times, the only way for me to cheer up myself is through photography.

Firstly, taking photos encourage me to move physically. Exploring my neighborhood in search of subjects would mean more walks than usual. Whenever I'm in my photo walk, I don't even pay attention to the time since I'm mostly focused on scouting for interesting things to photograph.

And while on a photo walk, my state of mind is calmer than usual. Whenever I'm figuring out the composition for the picture, I tend to be more creative and centered on what I do. At that moment, I forget about the things that bother me; one of them is the stress about the pandemic.


I think that a healthy body would also require a healthy mind. There are studies that suggest that stress or depression can cause headaches, body aches, and pains that may not be treated with medications. Depression can literally drain your energy and positivity in life.

So, if ever something bothers you and you feel depressed then you may consider photography as a way for you to make a positive change in your life. Who knows, you might discover your hidden talent in photography.

Have a great day!