Whoever wants to go to war should go to the front himself!

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Dear noble pacifists, dear half-shoe tourists, dear conscientious objectors and bee sting allergy sufferers, esteemed desk soldiers and media acrobats! Dear Klitschko groupies, Russian Haters, Biden lovers and Selensky fans! So you want to have World War III, send others to the front for Ukraine, are all horny, to make Europe a theater of war between the USA and Russia.

Recently, you were scared shitless of a tiny virus from Wuhan, and all citizens can still smell the sweat of fear of the political Ebola here. Suddenly you want to defy the Russian and American nuclear missiles and courageously face the radiation mushroom cloud. A few weeks ago you wanted to save every human life with masks, tests and syringes, now you want to let the atomic bombs glow over the whole continent and send countless people to certain death.


In military service you were unfit, small and cowardly ran away from the service of the country, but now the rifle butt can not be big enough. Yes, if you are otherwise built in all small details, incidental and minimalist, at least your own gun barrel must be polished by proud heroic stories. The hour of the fictional warriors in brown diaper pants has struck.

You didn't care about the millions of dead in Iraq, you still don't care about the hundreds of thousands of dead children and women in Yemen. You also don't care about the victims of bombs in Afghanistan and the suffering of Syrians is too abstract. The fact that with your billions the EU feeds Mr. Erdogan, who bombs out Kurds with your money by the miraculous transformation into US weapons, does not disturb your so far peaceful life. Because Turkey is a NATO state, you keep your mouth shut. And you don't know any Kurds either.


Now you are awake, you are always ready. Heavy weapons should be delivered to Ukraine, your thirst for blood is unquenched.I have an idea. Instead of deadly weapons we send warmongers like you . Yes, you personally with a one-way ticket. Everyone who wants to wage war in Ukraine, who demands weapons to Ukraine to prolong the suffering, should go there personally and fight!

By one of your eco-friendly vehicles or on foot directly to the bloody battles. Heavily armed, you're off to Kiev, where you can bravely risk your life in battle instead of always sending others to the front! Anyone who opens his mouth, who wants to extend the war to all of us, should first feel in the trenches without bread and water on his own body what the suffering of war means.


Because if every new brave warlord had to manage the madness himself, there would be no more war.

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