The indecisiveness of the Ukrainian comedian and wannabe president.

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"The war can only be ended through diplomacy," the war actor, clad in handsome camouflage for the past three months, spoke in surprise from his TV bunker in Kiev. Why the change of heart? After all, it was he, the Ukrainian vodka oligarch for the poor, who for the past 3 months had been appealing to the morale of the West in a blackmailing tone in order to obtain even more weapons for a senseless endeavor.

On the one hand, to cry out for diplomacy when previously you have received hundreds of billions of euros and dollars worth of weapons for a continuation of the slaughter? This bridge of argumentation has weaknesses. Just a few weeks ago, the German left-wing politician Sarah Wagenknecht was still being grilled at the stake of the European Selensky lobbyists for a similar formulation, according to which only diplomacy and not weapons end a war.

Right at the stake next to Alice Schwarzer, by the way, and a number of personalities who have been executed by the media from a very specific direction as Putin trolls, Kremlin spokespersons and Russia-understanders because of their fall from grace to stand up for peace. This is just one of the many contradictions that, as an outgrowth of war propaganda, achieve exactly the opposite of what people hope for: More war, more death and more terror in a country whose weaponry is about as serious as its president, artificially hyped by Western media!


Was it Selensky, after all, who called on his people to stand up to the enemy with Molotov cocktails and then laments the civilian victims of the war. Of course, if you rush unguilty citizens as cannon fodder against real soldiers, because you previously release a lot of healthy, strong descendants of oligarchs in limousines to Vienna, Nice and Cannes against 20,000 euros bribe money, there is no reason to wonder about the victims of a war.

He appeals to the Western world in a thousand speeches to finally cut off the gas tap to Russia, because this gas is used to finance Putin's war, and he is deliberately concealing the fact he receives a billion dollars from the Russian president as rent for the pipelines running through Ukraine. In view of these and other hypocrisies, his government otherwise receives exactly the help from the West that it has honestly earned by its behavior!


He calls for total economic war against Russia, an expansion of sanctions, plunges Europe into the biggest economic crisis since World War II and complains about Putin, who with devious intent no longer supplies vital goods to Europe. Yes, when you first call for the economic isolation of a country and then realize with the delay of weeks you need exactly these goods, this is called suicide.

But that is what it is all about. The war in Ukraine is a justification for making Europe also to a victim must also become a victim out of solidarity with the victims. Houses are being shot up in Ukraine, Europe must also be reduced to rubble in economic, social and democratic terms. The motto is: Let us share suffering, then it is just half suffering. But this is not our war, Mr. Selensky!

What happens when a cabaret artist and pseudo-funny comedian is entrusted with an important office that such a character should never have come into contact with, will hopefully have been understood by now by all those who have ever put their trust in the Ukrainian amateur actor.


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