How this man foresaw and prepared for the current developments.

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If we look at the current situation of the world and the future course of the same, we see two problems, the war situation and the resulting sanctions. If we now assume the energy and food supply of the European Union from Russia will be less in future, then these gaps must be plugged, which will probably allow other companies and solutions to gain momentum.

One person and his activities in particular caught my eye in this context. Bill Gates plans worldwide mini-nuclear power plants and has built up a huge farmland portfolio. Let's take a closer look at this and get to the bottom of why accusations such as "philanthrocapitalism" suddenly arise.

The U.S. magazine "The Land Report" explains Gates owns almost 100,000 m² of farmland in the U.S., making him the largest private owner of farmland in America. The land is mainly bought and managed by the Gates-owned company "Cascade Investment". The German news portal "agrarheute" wrote about this: "In this way, agricultural land prices are driven up and farmers are forced out of the market."


Back in 2008, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation announced an investment of 306 million 💲 to promote high-yield, sustainable agriculture for smallholders in Africa and South Asia. The foundation has invested in the development and dissemination of certain "super crops," cereals that are supposed to be better equipped to withstand climate change. Who would publicly oppose this great idea of doing something about (allegedly man-made) climate change?🙄🤫

Last year, moreover, the non-governmental organization Bill & Melinda Gates Agricultural Innovations, better known as Gates Ag One, announced it would be advancing this effort with further investment. Their website states:

EXCERPT: "Gates Ag One is driven by our shared belief with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that all lives have equal value. We are a nonprofit organization focused on the priorities of small farmers with the goal of providing impactful agricultural products, services and solutions that meet their needs."


Bill Gates is talking about a "green revolution". He wants control over global seed production and storage. The free exchange of seeds among farmers is the basis for the preservation of biodiversity and food security, but this biodiversity and seed piracy is not only carried out by large corporations, who prefer to take the patents on all food, but also by the super rich, such as our Bill Gates.

This man not only drives his own organizations in this subject area, but also invests in other institutions, such as the CGIAR, where he is the largest funder. Founded in 1979, the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is a strategic partnership of 64 members. Its founding goal was to combat food shortages in tropical and subtropical countries through research and investment in new, highly productive crop varieties and improved livestock management.

Through the CGIAR, 15 international research institutions are supported, but the big goal is to merge these 15 institutions into a single legal entity, the "One CGIAR." They themselves write it is necessary for greater impact and control over agriculture, and the even bigger goal is subsequently to merge with Gates Ag One.


The whole thing goes so far there are projects to map genetic data of farmer seed diversity in banks and then acquire patents on those seeds through genomic mapping, in addition to editing genes and modifying seeds. In the 1980s, "Monsanto" led the push for genetically modified organisms and patents on seeds and life, while by now someone else has secured the top spot on this issue. According to "Navdanya International," in 2012 it launched its global seed and freedom campaign under the name "The Global Movement for Seed Freedom."

EXTRACT: "Navdanye International is an India-based non-governmental organization that works to preserve biodiversity of biodiversity, organic farming, farmers' rights and the process of seed saving. Navdanya points out the dangers of philanthrocapitalism, because one thing must never be forgotten, Bill Gates is the world's most famous philanthropist and all his ventures, which he claims are solely to combat climate change and all the problems in the developing world, are at the same time to increase his wealth, expand his sphere of influence and secure his control over what will probably be one of the most coveted commodities in this world."

So, as it looks, this man has calculated everything now exactly correctly, with which regarding his past and what he has already done there so everything only one question remains open: Are we really dealing with the selfless commitment of a philanthropist whose increase in power is only an insignificant side effect of his activities, or is a "humanistic cloak" being used here to distract from the true motives of a man who is always working to expand his influence in the world more and more?🤔



Farming is one of the most important and economic booster but only a few sees the importance of going in to farming.

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True, and as you can see from this example, unfortunately the wrong people often recognize the importance of agriculture.

That is very true

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