Absolute gender arbitrariness on the way!

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Let's talk very briefly about self-determination. "My Body, My Choice" was a big movement until it was forgotten two years ago. For two years nothing was heard about it and now these people are crawling out of their holes again, shouting their favorite slogan at the top of their lungs and talking about self-determination, while at the same time these people are exactly those who in the last two years wanted to force other people physically to do something that they deeply rejected (keyword: vaccination).

As if this hypocrisy was not bad enough, soon the "self-determination law" in Germany will turn all rules, as we know them, when it comes to genders, upside down! Soon, only a visit to the registry office will be enough to change one's gender and name. For me this does not sound like self-determination, but like complete arbitrariness, which is not only a mistake in itself, but also in its own logic!

I go one step further and say such examples of legislation of dangerous "ideologists" are increasingly becoming a threat to women and girls of Western societies, where this "ideology" is raging like a virus!


But first, let's look at the logic, which I think is self-contradictory. Officially, it is about making these people feel less discriminated against, because until now they had to go through lengthy examination procedures if they wanted to change their gender. Because of this serious life decision, they had to answer intimate questions, of course, and these procedures also cost quite a bit.

Recently, all these measures are simply to be dropped, you no longer need a psychological assessment, you can simply go through the whole thing on your own in future. But now I see this development as exactly the opposite of what it is supposed to represent, as something that does not end discrimination at all, but rather promotes it.

What is promoted in societies in this way are rapist transgenders and pseudo-women in women's prisons, to whom real biological women cannot offer much resistance, and also male athletes who identify as women and win titles and medals in some countries thanks to physical advantages in women's sports, to which real women then of course have no chance.

In these crazy times it is actually communicated that this is a quite loose arbitrary decision. Now, in Germany, anyone can simply go to the registry office and officially change their gender there, but that makes no sense at all in this logic! Just the decision to deny his sex and to undergo an operation whose devastating results can never be undone afterwards is nevertheless of enormous importance, since it changes the whole life forever, without which the decision maker can ever undo it after remorse, which there was in some cases.

Such a decision, which even from ideological point of view at least no human being should make simply on a whim, must be well justified! If one goes thus after the logic of this new Sodom & Gomorrah law, can simply each psychologically confused humans after desire and mood at each time its sex and its name change, which is from my view completely clearly a degradation of concerning humans, who mean that seriously, instead of which they would get thereby more "rights", because who went through these before mentioned examination procedures and all that on itself took, which considered itself all already in the apron!

After all, it is a life-changing permanent decision and not just a joke or a feeling of the day that makes it possible for "everyone" to have their gender changed even without psychological tests, like those affected whose lengthy test procedures made such an operation possible in exceptional cases, in order to be able to live better with their mental illness, which was recognized by experts as not being curable. Who therefore advocates that everyone can now do it to these special people without examination, e.g. in order to obtain obvious advantages, does "not" (!) go against discrimination, but promotes this still and gives affected persons in addition to the ridicule!


Of course, these people have to decide for themselves whether they want to do something like that, but I don't see anything reprehensible or bad about it, if analyses of psychologists should decide in advance whether it is really reasonable to comply with such wishes and not to let the number of (alleged) gender reassignments get out of hand.

Now we come to women and girls of our societies, who will increasingly have to deal with strong men in Western countries, who identified themselves as women and registered accordingly, which means they can now easily get into the women's toilets, as well as into the ladies' changing rooms, without anyone being able to do anything about it in the end, at least not without making themselves liable to prosecution according to the new laws in some Western countries.

So a man pretending to be a woman need only show his ID and say "I am a woman," which is state-approved, and women and girls will have to put up with the new "woman" in the women's shower and other venues, at least if they are in places where left-liberals set the tone rather than in areas where conservatives can still maintain the old order.


If I look at humanity in its current state, then I am 100% sure, this reckless action of reality deniers will be abused even more in future and it will be difficult to do anything about it, because that would be discriminatory, intolerant, etc., which may already annoy men, but for the female sex brings quite a few dangers with it, which most people would probably rather do without.

Even in a case where a man now identifies as a woman and passes the said examination procedures, I would like to ask the women, some of whom are even left-liberal and politically correct: would you feel comfortable if someone suddenly came in, a very obvious biological man, who may dress like a woman but is clearly visibly a man, would you really feel comfortable in the women's restroom, in the women's locker room, in the shower, and so on?

Personally, I can hardly imagine a "yes" to this question and explain it in the case only with difficulty, and even if there should be only one sexual assault, then there is already from the time no more justification for this law, especially since just transgender themselves seem to see a big difference between biological women and fake women, in which (so-called) lesbian trans women have no interest, because these identify themselves only as women, but biologically are quite clearly men! Of course, radical leftist ideologues prefer to ignore such details, while at the same time they are all the more critical about other topics, just as it just fits into their own image!


At the end of course still the human mind stands! For me it is absolutely absurd and completely evidence-free if one can change simply in such a way without indication of reasons its sex, because with it the arbitrariness door and gate is opened! For me this law is to be justified in no way, it is for me on the contrary no law against discrimination, but a further degradation of all concerned in this sad spectacle.

This law violates all biological facts and is in the end only a further destabilization in our society, which is why I can only reject it completely and be happy about every person who has also recognized this madness for what it is, namely an attack on our society!

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