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I think some of the people who paint and design things just have it. Those who mess up a drawing or fail to paint or determine anything on time, though; need to practice a lot more before they start intentionally crafting.

This is part of why there should be so many opportunities for young people to practice creativity, whether they are students or not. They are the key to shaping our creativity and the foundation of many industries like Art Preservation and Arts Management job roles. It is important we nurture those kids right from their first days at school so that springboard can let them free and artistically replenish society in a never-ending voice.

In order for artists of different fields to succeed, it is important that they know what makes them stand out so they don't carelessly create similar art.

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Here's a film strip of the WIP:

Clown 130 WIP.JPG

While here's a gif version of the WIP:


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”Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

~ Pablo Picasso

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