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In the past few decades, art has changed and the direction of art has changed more than before. Everyone wants something different and with different goals. People want innovative pieces of art that are easier to market and share on social media platforms. From looking at artwork all day, some people get quite a big rush of happiness.

We have been programmed to think one way by our so-called benefits of buying original paintings and expensive pieces that are still poorly made when they end up in the trash really quickly. There was a time when creativity came from giving your imagination some freedom to explore opportunities worth exploring but now it seems like we’re putting too much pressure on creativity without educating ourselves about what good artwork is.

5 Clown 127.png

The best way to make me feel happy is through creative expression. It uplifts my day and gives me a reason to smile. Art comes in different forms and can be beautiful, crude, or professional.

Society inherently questions whether people should have this ability in the first place by posting if we really need such creativity making on a pedestal It is then said that it creates too much tension in the environment, thus destroying possibilities for meeting new people and experiencing true connection.

I love to spend time drawing, painting, or just taking a moment to capture something in a photo. Sometimes it can take hours just suddenly know that you finally captured what you have been aiming for.

Here's a film strip of the WIP:

Clown 127 WIP.JPG

While here's a gif version of the WIP:


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”Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

~ Pablo Picasso

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