My emotions in the sun.

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Hello to all my dear readers, I missed writing and being here among you but I must say that these past months were not easy at all. Each one of us throughout our lives faces a series of situations that make us have to rethink many things, even make us transform ourselves and start over and over again until we find our center and balance.


A few months ago my life went out of its center, out of my point of balance. All those who read me and have known me for a few years know about my spirit of solidarity, my desire to help and give hope through my writings. And as I have said on many occasions, what I write is not because I have simply read it but because it is also part of my life experience, for me to write is to share something of myself with each of you.


Now, because I moved away, for multiple reasons among which was the time to devote to this wonderful work, I am not writing for the sake of writing, I feel to write and transform. It is no secret that each one of us needs a budget that allows us to cover basic expenses and although we all do different things, writing in our blogs gave us something extra or a lot to cover most of our needs. Well, when crypto prices fell drastically, in my personal case I had to dedicate more time to be away from home, to work on different things that could provide me at least a stability covering the basics and of course applying the principle of less is more.


You may wonder personally how all the economic chaos and work affected me, well in many ways and forms, but I think the most serious were my emotions, considering that I had no time for anything and seeing myself cornered by the situation I was keeping everything that happened to me, everything I had inside, all that hurt me and poisoned my spirit, my mind and intoxicated my body until I collapsed, I began to isolate myself, not to speak, I responded as necessary and sometimes only with gestures, I stopped exercising (I had no time), I neglected my home to people who have always loved me and even my pets felt sad, I stopped exercising (I had no time), I disengaged my home from the people who have always loved me and even my pets felt sad for me, even my husband began to feel guilty about the situation until one day I stopped at the door of the house and I simply could not leave it, I could not move and I confess that I could not even remember where I was going or what I was going to do.


In a state of total isolation on the doorstep I could only cry and cry, I was trembling and felt lost, my world had simply collapsed and my self was not in place, it was lost. At that moment, my husband hugged me and was silent for a while until he told me to speak, say everything you have inside, cry if you must cry, but that in the end it will help your soul to get rid of the pain and smile again, I began to talk about everything that oppressed me and hurt me, I began to put my emotions in the sun and that gave me back my center, at the end of that day I took the decisions that gave me back my life. And I learned:


1. I should not assume all the weight of the situations.

2. Life is a constant change and we must be prepared for stormy days

3. Isolating ourselves only condemns us to a state of spiritual misery, we are not islands.

4. My life can never be below an economic interest no matter how much it may seem necessary.

5. I am stronger than negative situations.

6. Love your loved ones and cherish every moment at their side, maybe tomorrow there will be no more time.

7. Do not keep your emotions to yourself, laugh and cry if you must, let each moment be transformed into a useful experience for your existence.

8. Never stop dreaming and having faith. Everything can change if you channel your energy into the solution.

9. Seek the support of your partner and family. Although we all have shared problems, the burden is less and solutions can be found for everything.

10. Nothing is forever, be patient and make decisions that will be good for your life.



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