You've been making a big mistake, with your 100% Steem Power Rewards... You need to Switch it all back to 50/50 Rewards... You can Trade your (SBD) Steem Dollars into STEEM, once your Collect your Rewards... You'll be shocked to see how much better you'll be doing... Check out my Wallet to see how I've been trading my SBD's for STEEM...
August 23, 2021... 11.9 Hollywood Time...

Thank you for the advice my dear friend I will change it up and realize that difference your writing about.

You will be shocked when you find out how much more you will be earning... Do a test with a small amount of SBD, just to see how much STEEM you've been missing out on... Transfer 0.100 SBD to "tipu" an use the word "swap"... Check my Wallet to see how I do it...
August 28, 2021... 12.0 Hollywood Time...

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