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Life is tough and hopefully we may someday be professionals at this and look back with a smile.

Candle closes towards the highs or lows of a candle often indicate there is little profit taking so if you are trading in the direction of such a move, this can be a good confirmation sign.

On the other hand swim with the river and not against it.

Each candle on a 15 minute chart, represents 15 minutes of trading time. At the end of the candle's duration that 15 minute candle is considered to be “closed” and a new candle immediately opens to right of it.

It's better to Remember, ALWAYS waiting for the candle to close if you're contemplating a trade because the candle can change direction in a instant, you need to see what the final close of the candle is to get an idea of what price is likely to do.

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Example of a good real life candle close:



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