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This is the summary of last season of Splinterlands. I completed this season in Splinterlands and league up to Diamond II League. I tried to League up to Diamond I but I couldnt do it...

I played more than last season in this season. My win rate was higher. I thought that I could complete the season in Diamond I but I couldnt.

I invested my team and bought lots of cards to power up.

I completed this season in 563 th rank in Diamond II. I opened 50 chests in season rewards. The rewards were not good for me..

I got lots of Chaos Legion Packs

Here is my rewards after last season.

Chest Tier: Diamond II


  • 190.83 SPS ↑
  • 1500 Merits ↑
  • 2 Legendary Card ↑
  • 3 Goldfoil Card ↑
  • 0 Epic Card ↓
  • 12 Rare Card ↑
  • 51 Common Card ↓
  • 99 Alchemy Potion ↑
  • 108 Legendary Potion ↑
  • 3 Chaos Legion Packs ↑
    Cards: $0 (14)
    Potions: $6.982 (14)
    Packs: $9.038 (3)
    SPS: $4.960 (14)
    Merits: $1.495 (5)
    TOTAL: $22.476 (50)
    AVG: $0.450

Ekran Resmi 20230315 20.38.21.png

Ekran Resmi 20230315 20.38.28.png

I am happy with these results.

Last season I played 436 battles and I got 222p
wins. My win rate was 50,9%...

My statistics are up and rewards up in last season..

I hope next season will be better!!

We will see...


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