Time to lounge in my favorite pajamas! 😴🌙


Hi everyone, I'm sharing this picture just before I go to sleep, isn't it great when you find those pajamas that are so comfy you never want to take them off? This one is definitely my favorite, it makes me feel so cozy and relaxed.

I hope everyone is having a peaceful and restful night, good night and sweet dreams! ✨🛌

 4 months ago 

you are so sexy girl

Thank you very much. I feel flattered. You know, someone told me that my feet are sexy too. Do you think it's worth taking pictures of me and sharing them?

 4 months ago 

there are so many pictures in the internet for the sexy feet, no need to add yours !!
sexy does not mean lets have sex in bed girl, it means you are in that picture awesome lovely cute and your horse hair tale is fitting the pajamas
good night girl

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