Healthy Person - Crazy Pen Hallucinating

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The source is my phone camera

You will hear another voice in your head. You are tired or tired of life. You will be tired if only you look at that sound. You will see something that is painful when you are tired but you will have to go back to it because if you live long enough you will get used to it. People in the street will sometimes ask: What is this that is unbearable?"

The answer, of course is not to feel the pain, but to change your body. The body of a healthy person is that of an active man, with the most balanced form of consciousness.

If you go to the doctors you will hear the same advice that is given to an unhealthy man. As in the case of one who is ill, his symptoms will tend to be similar to the one of an unhealthy man. When we take a step toward our health, we don't want to be unhealthy people. We want to do what is best for self-improvement and the best for us as a society and make the best of the unhealthy man.

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